Corrected entry: At the end of the movie it shows a shell casing that has PMC on it. PMC wasn't an ammo company until 1968.

Correction: While Rango is meant to stylize old westerns, it's not set in the past. We see vending machines and modern cars. We even see what is meant to be a 1971 Impala, so 1968 already occurred in the film.


Corrected entry: After Rango's terrarium falls out of the car, the cocktail umbrella lands on the glass shard Rango is lying down on. When it burns up later, it's on the asphalt and far from the shard.

Correction: Wind.

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Corrected entry: Rango, a chameleon, crouches in the desert sand and changes color in the hope of being unseen by a hawk flying overhead. His red shirt inexplicably changes color as well.

Correction: A chameleon talks, rides other animals, drinks, belches fire and wears clothes, and the problem you have with it is the shirt changes color? Really? It's a cartoon, leave your disbelief at the theater door.


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