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Continuity mistake: On the inspector's boat Frank's wrists are handcuffed together with a railing between his arms to secure him in place. There is a very short chain between the cuffs, 4 to 5 inches at most. When he's pulled free by a rope from Elise's boat he starts 'climbing' the rope hand over hand. In one shot his hands are over a foot apart, he's obviously not wearing the handcuffs. When he gets onto Elise's boat his hands are cuffed once again, she shows him how to pick the locks to get the cuffs off.

BocaDavie Premium member

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the boat chase, after the railing and Frank are pulled into the water but prior to the cut to Elise slowing her boat to allow Frank to board, a member of the crew can be seen exiting the cabin of Elise's boat. (00:05:50)

Jonathan Borgia

Factual error: Frank and Elise approaching to Venice by train. Train announcement says "Arrival at train station Santa Lucia in ten minutes". Landscape from the train window is green and hilly. I'm from Venice and no way you find such landscape 10 minutes from Venice Santa Lucia. Most probably you would see a gray Mestre, Venice inland city, or a completely flat and not green land (for at least 30 minutes from/to the train station of Venice). (00:19:30)

Continuity mistake: Angelina has a stone as an earring. The next shot shows a dangling earring on the other ear, then the stone changes to the dangling earring in a future shot.

Other mistake: In the scene where Jolie drops Depp off at the airport she asks him to tie them off. Depp does so with a solid knot. Jolie then unties the knot from the boat side and leaves him behind. The rope should still have been looped around the mooring where Depp attached it, and hanging in the water where she untied. It is completely gone.

Continuity mistake: When Shaw strangles his thug, the tape around the neck swaps between yellow and white depending on the angle, back and forth.

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: Despite receiving several shots and crashing against other boats, Elise's wooden boat structure remains undamaged.

Sacha Premium member

Factual error: When Elise drops Frank off at Venice airport, we see the colorful houses of Venice proper quite close in the background. But Venice airport is on the mainland side of the lagoon, quite far from the Venice islands. So the houses would have been much, much further away.

Jacob La Cour

Factual error: When Frank and Elise arrive in Venice, they sail from the train station to a hotel which is also located on the Grand Canal (from the balcony we see the Rialto Bridge). However just after leaving the station, we see Saint Marc's Square from their boat from the other side of the lagoon. That is very far from the station - and not on the way to that hotel.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In Paris, the van's CCTV shows Elise passing by a zebra crossing with a bald man next to her. The angle changes to an outside shot of the van and Elise walking for several meters, but when back to the CCTV, the continuation of the zebra crossing angle is playing.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: When the thugs are finally killed, they lay dead on the floor, first, then on the couch, and, last but not least, on the floor but in a different position.

Sacha Premium member

Visible crew/equipment: When Elise is about to drive the boat towards chained Frank, a man pops up out of the boat. It can't be one of Shaw's hitmen, for they have not seen Elise's boat yet.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Italian police officer is taking Depp out of the lock-up cage at night, initially the officer's collar is turned up when he enters the cage. In the following close-up shot it is turned down, then again turned up when he applies the cuffs. (00:49:40)

Deliberate mistake: Elise goes to the "Gare de Lyon" and takes a train that goes to Venice (an italian ATR - AV, a high speed train). The only direct train to Venice is a sleeper train, in addition the travel time (over 8 hours) required would make the use of a high speed implausible. Furthermore these trains are not running in France, "the connecting" railroad is still under costruction.


Continuity mistake: The movie starts with Elise exiting through a door facing the right side, with her purse on her left hand. A frame later she is facing the opposite side and her purse has also swapped hands.

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: After the Italian cop tells the British one that Frank is going to be killed, Frank climbs a rooftop and white protective tapes are visible on the sole of his feet.

Sacha Premium member

Factual error: When the train arrives to Venice, a voice announces destination in English and Italian. Since the train departed from France it should have also been announced in French.

Sacha Premium member

Other mistake: Elise orders a "Croissant" which you probably know is a "c" shaped pastry. However when she starts reading the letter, her order is not a croissant but a "pain chocolat" instead. This is a different shaped pastry with chocolate inside. (00:02:20 - 00:04:40)

Continuity mistake: When Frank is walking on the rooftops, the sky keeps swapping from cloudy to blue back and forth from frame to frame with no order whatsoever.

Sacha Premium member

Factual error: When the two arrive in Venice, they check into the Hotel Danielli, an actual Venezia landmark which sits on the Lagoon, at least half a kilometer down from the Piazza San Marco When Johnny Depp goes to look out the window of their room, he is looking at the Rialto Bridge... a good 20-25 minute walk on a good day.

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