Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Trivia: Johnny Depp uses the phrase "Interesting..." as his trademark in many of the movies he stars in, including Sleepy Hollow. He uses it in PotC when Koehler's skeletal hand tries to grab him in prison.

Trivia: Be sure to stay through the credits, at the end there is an interesting scene.

Trivia: The tattoo Orlando Bloom got while filming The Lord of the Rings trilogy can be seen on his right forearm in the swordfight with Jack, when they stop for a moment and his arm is in the air, blocking Jack's sword with his own. (00:25:05)

Trivia: Jack's pistol is the only authentic 18th century pistol in the movie. Director Gore Verbinski requested it especially because of the importance of the prop. The rest are made by a propmaster.

Trivia: One of Barbossa's pirates has a dreadlocked beard that's always on fire. There is wire with copper sockets in the ends of the dreads, in which they would insert incense to burn for the smoking effect. After every take they would have to reinsert incense and relight his beard. During the sword play, the locks in his beard would flop around, causing it to burn himself or someone else, or even light up the rest of his beard.

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Trivia: The final time the cannon goes off when the Black Pearl crew are ransacking Port Royal, the smoke cloud across the moon forms a Mickey Mouse silhouette. (00:35:50)

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Trivia: On the day when Keira Knightley had to kiss Orlando Bloom during filming lots of the members of the cast brought their teenage daughters to the set. As Keira and Orlando were kissing all the girls were giving her evil glares so in a Behind the Scenes special, Keira apologized to all the girls who are obsessed with Orlando.

Trivia: Elizabeth falling off the fort was filmed on a set, south of Los Angeles. Jack diving off the ship to rescue her was filmed in the Caribbean, and his actually rescuing Elizabeth was filmed in a tank in Long Beach, California. There are thousands of miles between those three consecutive shots. This is similar circumstances to the scene when Elizabeth is walking the plank and surfacing. Both were shot in the Caribbean, but with a few days in-between shots. On the commentary, Jack Davenport (Norrington) mentions Keira Knightley's (Elizabeth) little-known ability to hold her breath for two days. (00:15:00)

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Trivia: As the Interceptor is pulling away from the Dauntless, in the wide shot there are still ropes between the two ships. The camera crew were caught off guard, since the sails were full, the Interceptor started pulling away sooner than expected, pulling the ropes taut, ripping off the belaying pins. Johnny Depp (Jack) was hit hard in the knee with one of those pins and knocked him to the ground. It was the only shot the camera crew had of Interceptor actually pulling away. On screen, in the close-up, Will is seen cutting all the lines. Commentary, DVD. (00:47:05)

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Trivia: After filming, Johnny Depp had a permanent tattoo of a sparrow done on his arm "for my boy". It's the same as the one seen in this film, except the sparrow was flying away from him, so he turned it around so it was coming back.

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Trivia: In one of the deleted scenes on the DVD where Jack and the pirates are improvising about the French ("The inventors of mayonnaise"), his last line in the clip is "I'll get me coat." This is a reference to "The Fast Show," which featured a guest appearance by Johnny Depp (Jack) in its final show.

Trivia: After we see the Disney ride scene at the jail, where the pirates are trying to get the dog to come near them with a bone, Jack Sparrow says to the pirates "You can keep doing that forever, that dog is never going to move." Besides the obvious visual reference to the ride, the line's relevant too - as in the Disney ride, the pirates *will* keep doing that forever, and the dog *is* never going to move. (00:27:20)


Trivia: Johnny Depp wears contacts in the movie. But they are not for changing his eye colour or anything, they are actually darkly tinted to act like sunglasses so Depp wouldn't have to squint when they were filming in the sun.

Trivia: Johnny Depp actually had his teeth capped for the film, and kept the caps on for several months after the filming was completed in case he was called back for reshoots.

Trivia: Boy Wonder Productions was one of several SFX firms subcontracted by Disney to work on the film. It was founded by Burt Ward, the former actor who played Robin (the "Boy Wonder") on the old Batman (1966) TV series.

Trivia: As revealed during several interviews with Johnny Depp and his costars, he based his portrayal of his character on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards who Depp has suggested should appear in the sequel, playing Jack's father.

Trivia: When Barbossa and Jack are skeletons in the moonlight, their eyeballs were really theirs. It was the only part of their bodies which was not CGI-animated. Audio commentaries.

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Continuity mistake: Either the first shot has a gratuitous view of the fort or the composite people neglected to add the fort in the second shot. Norrington says, "...this is the day that Capt. Jack Sparrow almost escaped. Take him away." The night shot that follows, shows the bridge archway, and beyond it the pier, Interceptor, the fort and its parapet. After Will breaks Jack out of prison, they approach the same archway and beyond it is the pier and Interceptor, but in this shot we don't see the fort and its parapet, nor the line that Jack slid down the day before. The camera angle is exactly the same. (00:27:15 - 00:44:30)

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Question: After Elizabeth is brought to the Pearl, she threatens to drop the medallion overboard. Barbossa feigns disinterest but when Elizabeth pretends to drop it, the pirates gasp in panic. Why? So she drops it, big deal. They can't drown, the gold "calls to them" so what does it matter if she were to drop it?


Chosen answer: Because they'd have to find it. The gold may "call to them", but it obviously doesn't function as a millimetre perfect homing beacon or they'd never have missed the medallion years earlier when they attacked the ship carrying the young Will. Elizabeth drops it into the sea and they're going to have to spend what could be months trying to locate it - currents could take it well away from the dropping point. They've found the final missing piece; they're potentially just hours away from finally being cured. The last thing they want is to see it thrown into the sea.

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Well, if the crew was anxious to get the medallion then why did they act like they weren't interested in it before Elizabeth pretended to drop it?

What do you mean by reverse psychology?

By showing they are not interested in the medallion they are hoping Elizabeth will just drop it on the floor or chuck it to them as it's of no real value. However when she releases a bit of chain and the medallion drops, and the pirates lurch forward revealing that they really want the medallion and as such Elizabeth now has the upper hand in negotiations.

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I'm guessing Elizabeth wasn't fooled when the pirates showed disinterest in the medallion.

That's not called reverse psychology, which is used to encourage someone to change his or her mind. Doesn't work with a threat. They are feigning indifference to hide the importance of the object.


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