Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Corrected entry: Jack Sparrow finds out about the curse of the Black Pearl when he's imprisoned, and two crew of the Pearl encounter him. He didn't know what the curse was, or whether it existed until this point. Shortly afterwards, Will Turner reveals his identity to him, in which Jack Sparrow then schemes to use Will to barter him for the Pearl in exchange for providing the crew a way to remove the curse... How is it possible for Jack Sparrow to know that the crew needed Will Turner without knowing about the curse in the first place? (00:42:00)

Correction: He knew about the curse, but Jack had never seen its effects before, that's what surprises him. After all, he was the one who knew where the island was and told Barbossa.


Correction: If you watch he says "so there is a curse" meaning he knew what it was. He also knew bootstrap had a son since he was part of Jack's crew. Since word gets round places like Tortuga he would have hear Bootstrap had been sent to Davey Jones Locker not long after the mutiny which takes place on the way to the island (as explained).

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Corrected entry: When Will and Jack try to escape the execution, the guards surround them and hold them at gunpoint. However, they stand around them in a circle, so if they shot them, they would've all shot each other. Even if they had extremely good aim, they're standing very close to them, so the bullets would've passed through them.


Correction: At that range and with the pair completely surrounded, they wouldn't have needed to shoot them. They could easily be recaptured or stabbed with bayonets. Notice that the soldiers are holding their guns in a stabbing stance, not a shooting stance.

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Corrected entry: During the attack on Port Royal, Will throws an axe at Jacoby, presumably killing him; he is therefore surprised to see Jacoby alive a short time later. However, Will threw the axe into Jacoby's back, meaning neither ever saw the other's face - there is no reason why either Will or Jacoby would recognize each other when they meet later in the battle.


Correction: Will opened his door just before Jacoby ran by, so he would have seen his face. He also could have recognized his clothing and gear. Jacoby wouldn't necessarily have recognized Will, but he could have looked up after the camera turned.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: Right after the final duel between Barbossa and Sparrow, Barbossa states he feels cold and then drops dead. We then see a shot of Barbossa's apple dropping from his hand. This could be reminiscent of another Disney movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), in which she is poisoned by the witch and also drops the apple in the same way.

Correction: More likely a reference to Barbosa being obsessed with eating apples. This is shown earlier when he gives Elizabeth an apple and later when he says he will eat a whole barrel of apples.

Corrected entry: On the Isla de Muerte, when Norrington shoots one of the cursed pirates in the head, in the background, a soldier is sword fighting nobody, where a cursed pirate was supposed to have been digtitally edited in. (01:58:55)

Correction: It's far in the background and difficult to see. His enemy was slightly obscured by all of the other things in front, like the pirate fighting in the foreground. He is fighting someone if you look close enough.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film Elizabeth takes the Aztec gold coin from Will while he is unconscious. However, when we discover that anyone who took a gold coin or had possession of the coin, would be cursed. If this is the case, then why weren't Elizabeth, or even Will, cursed?


Correction: Only someone who takes possession of a coin straight out of the chest is cursed. Anyone to whom the coin is paid or received in some other manner is not cursed.

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Corrected entry: Jack hides the fact that he had kept one of the coins from the chest so the pirates would not know he was cursed. However, it should have been immediately obvious because, though he had returned the taken coins, he neglected the blood to be repaid.

Correction: The few medallions that Jack playfully took out of the chest he had no intent on taking possession of them, so blood did not have to be repaid when those were dropped back into the chest. However, just before Jack tosses the last medallion (that he did take possession of) to Will, he deliberately cuts his hand on his sword (it's a quick movement, but you can see it if you watch), so he *did* repay the blood.

Corrected entry: Completely unavoidable but still a mistake. When the pirates are in skeletal mode, much of their speech would be incoherent as they don't have lips. Most noticeable when Ragetti says 'Bloody pirates!' - you need lips to make 'b's and 'p's.

Correction: You need muscles, ligaments, and tendons to move, but that's not a movie mistake either. This is a curse. It uses magic. If people can be made immortal, and retain motor functions even though every last bit of flesh has been removed from them, they can speak clearly too.

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Corrected entry: There is in fact a real ship in the US Navy called The Black Pearl.

Correction: Not according to the US Naval registry there isn't. There's USS Black, Black Hawk, Black Fox and Black Fin and Pearl Harbor but no Black Pearl.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Elizabeth has burned all the barrels of rum, she tells Jack, "That signal is over 1000 feet high", but the problem is it's the 1700's, she's British and the British don't use English measurements, they use metric. (01:39:15)


Correction: (1) The metric system was introduced in France in 1791, a mere half-century after the setting of the films. (2) Even today, the UK uses Imperial measurements just as much as metric. (3) If you think about your submissions in advance, you might be able to avoid statements as ludicrous as "the British don't use English measurements".

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Corrected entry: When Jack and Will first go onto the Interceptor they are dry even though they just came out of the water.

Correction: Well actually, they didn't "just" come out of the water. It takes a good bit of time to carefully climb up the huge backside of Dauntless, wrap the rope around the rudder chain (to disable it), then continue up to the deck. Their clothing dries up in that long span of time.

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Corrected entry: When Jack observes the spinning wheel, the gear at the top runs along a separate thread and not between the planks of wood, which he then threads the chain through for the gear to crush.

Correction: Once the donkey is 'motivated' to move the two large gears rotate horizontally. There is also a very small gear, whose teeth spin anti-clockwise, vertically, which is located near the unconscious Mr. Brown. This small gear is seen in a few shots. Jack places his shackle links on the large gear's wood teeth, which engages with the small gear's teeth to break the links, in the close-up. There is no error here.

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Corrected entry: When Jack and Will are escaping at the end, Will loses his sword while fighting the executioner and doesn't have one for the remainder of the sequence. But, when the redcoats surround them, he suddenly has a sword in his hand again.

Correction: Just a moment before Will and Jack are surrounded, when the two back into each other, one Marine points his sword beside Will. He promptly grabs the sword, smacks the Marine in the face and knocks him out, thereby gaining a sword.

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Corrected entry: When Will and Jack go to wake up Mr. Gibbs on Tortuga, Jack has the bucket and throws the first lot of water. He then moves forward to speak to Mr. Gibbs without putting down or passing the bucket. In the next shot, Will has the bucket and throws the water "for the smell".

Correction: Both Jack and Will fetched pails of water (couldn't resist). Will holds a second pail the entire time and just as he tosses the water Jack's pail is still visible in his left hand.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, on board the ship which discovers young Will Turner, Governor Swann is wearing a suit/costume that more than resembles that of Captain Hook's from the Disney made Peter Pan movie. Even his hair is almost the same.

Correction: The costumes are from the same era, so some resemblances are unavoidable, but not the makings of film trivia.

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Corrected entry: Will uses his sword to stick Jack's chains to a beam. Jack then kicks him down but, when he gets back up, he suddenly has a sword in his hand without having had time to fetch another one.

Correction: It's Will's sword. When Jack kicks him, the sword flies out of Will's hand and Jack catches it.

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Corrected entry: There are many times when the moonlight is shining on the chest. But Barbossa never becomes a skeleton.

Correction: The cave has various holes leading to the outside, some relatively small, leading to a rather narrow shaft of light. As only direct moonlight causes the shift to their skeletal form, it would be entirely possible for a cursed individual to stand very close to one of these shafts and remain human in appearance.

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth is dining with Barbossa she is first formally eating and cutting her food. When Barbossa says that she must be hungry, Elizabeth puts down the knife. When she picks it up again before stabbing Barbossa, the knife is clean with no sign of use even though she didn't wipe it.

Correction: This isn't necessarily impossible. I've done it myself just this past month at Thanksgiving, and seen it done. Also, it could simply be the angle of the knife to the light- we simply dont see any stains on it, if there are any.

Corrected entry: When Jack and Elizabeth are being marooned, Jack dives off the plank wearing his boots. When he wades ashore, he is barefoot and is carrying only his sword and pistol, not his boots. He remains barefoot throughout the stay on the island. But after he and Elizabeth are rescued, his boots mysteriously reappear.

Correction: Jack's boots are in fact visible as he walks out of the water behind Elizabeth, in the shot just before he says, "That's the second time I've had to watch that man sail away on my ship," look closely at the bottom of the screen. When Elizabeth chases after him saying, "But you were marooned on this island before." time has passed and he is not wearing his wet vest either. His boots are also seen that evening, hanging upside down (drying), as they sing and dance around the fire.

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth climbs onto the Black Pearl and sees Captain Barbossa for the first time, the monkey flies onto his shoulder. The wire connected to the back of the monkey's jacket is visible. (00:36:25)

Correction: At no point in this shot is any kind of wire seen at monkey Jack's back. At the start of the shot, the monkey is behind the Pearl's wheel, as he holds the line, and then swings to Barbossa. As he approaches Barbossa he reaches out with his left hand, grabs hold of Barbossa's shoulder and when he lands there he lets go of the line, which begins to swing back.

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