Donnie Brasco

Donnie Brasco (1997)

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The bad guys find out that Donnie/Joe (Johnny Depp) is a snitch. It's implied that Lefty (Al Pacino) gets killed. Joe gets $500 and a medal for his hard work. The last scene is Joe with a concerned look on his face and his wife Maggie (Anne Heche) says "It's over. Let's go home." Info from onscreen text before the end credits: thanks to Joe's undercover work, many indictments and convictions were made. There's a $500,000 contract on his head. He and his family live in a secret location and they use a different name.

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Towards the middle of the film,Pacino and Depp are walking downtown, there is alot of traffic and some of the cars are "post 1978" model . One in particular caught my eye, which was a mid-80's Ford Taurus (even the model of the car didn't exist in 1978).



Throughout the entire movie, Donnie Brasco is seen wearing a wire device. In the actual book, Agent Pistone was said to only wear a wire maybe a few times in the 6 years he was undercover.