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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film Donnie and Lefty are towing a Porsche behind Donnie's Cadillac. They seem to have the Porsche attached to the Caddy with some rope or maybe a leather belt (way too close together to be a proper A-frame tow bar). The problem with this type of towing is that any time the Caddy would slow down or accelerate hard the Porsche would slam into the back of the Caddy.


Correction: One can actually see an A-frame bar, with some rope tangled onto it. It is better spottable in slow motion, however can be seen if you look closely.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the Florida mission, you can see a few shots taken within a swimming pool, where Donnie is playing and capsizing a guy on an air mattress. In one shot he is bare chest, and in the following he is wearing a golden chain. Time: 0 h 49'9" (00:48:55)

Correction: The bare-chested man who pushes someone off a float in the pool is not Donnie. The next shot is of Donnie, and he is wearing a chain.

Corrected entry: In the first scene, where Sonny Black and his crew are at a bar sitting around a table, they're arguing about cars. Lefty repeats that one car has more power than the other. When he repeats that, Paulie says "You just said that". The problem is Paulie began to say that right before Lefty finished saying that the car had more power. In this context, Paulie would need enough time to hear what Lefty said, register it in his brain and then respond. This shows that "Paulie" jumped the gun and began his line too early to be believable.


Correction: The human brain can process a simple piece of information like a repeated statement virtually instantaneously. There would be no pause at all. And as soon as Lefty starts saying the same thing, it is very possible, if not probable, that Paulie knew what he was going to say. Perhaps they have had this conversation before and Lefty ALWAYS says this. Paulie would not need to hear the end of the sentence. This is in no way a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sonny Black's crew is about to carve up Sonny Red's crew, Nicky grabs Donnie by the arm to help him cut up the fat guy. As he's walking towards the fat guy's body, Nicky says "Help me fillet this fat f**k". Right there he looks directly at the camera and then looks away quickly.


Correction: The character just happened to look at the same direction in which the scene is being filmed. He didn't acknowledge the camera in any way.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Depp and Pacino are crossing the bridge in the car, Depp is driving and you can see he has his wedding ring on. He has been undercover for a long time, I guess he forgot to take it off after his last shot. If Pacino had seen it, he would have been shark bait.

Correction: If you look at his hand, it is not a wedding ring. It's an Irish Claddagh ring, where the heart is pointed either up or down, depending on if you are single or taken. Agent Pistone, in his book, stated that he wore that type of ring while he was undercover.

Corrected entry: One scene shows Lefty and Donnie feeding the lion hamburgers through a crack in the window of the Cadillac so as not to be bitten or attacked by the lion while feeding it. It is never explained how they were able to drive a lion to a hamburger stand in the back seat of their car without being attacked by it.

Correction: The fact that it's not explained doesn't make it a mistake. I can think of at least three different ways they could have done it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sonny Black introduces Donnie Brasco to the Boss of Florida on the boat, he introduces Donnie as a "friend of ours". To call someone a "friend of ours" means that they are a member of the mafia, which at the time, Donnie Brasco was not. The correct phrase would have been a "friend of mine". The difference between 'friend of mine' and 'friend of ours', and it's inflexibility, is clearly explained by Lefty earlier in this movie.

Correction: Sonny Black says a friend of ours because he is representing Sonny who was recently upped in the movie and since Donnie now works and represents Sonny he tells the boss he's a "friend of ours" making Donnie a made man.

Continuity mistake: When Pacino asks a guy in a barbershop about Depp, the guy is being shaved, and the shaving foam is only on his cheek, but when he's at the doorway calling to Depp to come in the barbershop the foam reaches his temple, then back inside the foam is only at his cheek again.

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Sonny Black: You know what we do when we find that rat, right, Lefty?
Lefty: 'Could be I found him already.

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Trivia: Throughout the entire movie, Donnie Brasco is seen wearing a wire device. In the actual book, Agent Pistone was said to only wear a wire maybe a few times in the 6 years he was undercover.

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Question: Did the real Lefty actually have "cancer of the prick", as was claimed in the movie?

Answer: Benjamin "Lefty" Ruggiero suffered from testicular cancer, as well as lung cancer.


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