The Ninth Gate

Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) with the aid of 'green eyes' tracks down Lana Telfer in her mansion still clutching the book, her blonde black assassin shows up and in the ensuring scuffle Lana whips out a concealed gun from her dressing drawer. Blondie takes over and leads them down sone stone stairs whereupon Dean flings him down the steps and batters him to death with a shoe before pocketing his gun. As Dean slips into the group Boris Balkan (Frank Langella) then burts into the room interrupts this weird ritual thing mocking them over their secret mass; she dies during a struggle over the book whereupon he impales her necklace into her throat as Dean is forced to look on in shock. Balkan steals her Book of Nine Gates. Dean follows Balkan by car until he breaks down into a river, despite this he picks up Balkan's trail back to an ancient castle where Balkan attempts to gain power with the nine pages. Dean pulls his gun and both sruggle over the gun for the pages...until Dean partially falls through a wooden floor Balkan proceeding to push him down through the floor with his foot until Dean is stuck there. Having mocked Dean and stuck a gun in his face, he performs a cerimony believing he has done the ritual correctly he torches himself (believing that he now himune to the flames). He fails since one of the pages is fake. Corso observes him barbecuing for a few moments before taking pity on Boris and putting a bullet into his head as he leaves the castle seeing the turets ablaze and makes love with the mysterious lady (an agent of hell, perhaps?) as the castle continues to burn down. The authentic ninth page was in the twin brothers' bookstore, on top of an old shelf. Corso returns to the castle and the scene of Boris' demise and passes through the doors...entering the gates of Hell...


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