What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Gilbert and his buddy's are eating in the cafe. The first time you see the undertakers bowl of cereal, it keeps changing from full to empty several times.

Anita henderson

Continuity mistake: In the scene were Gilbert and his friends are in the diner and Gilbert is pouring the salt out onto the table look at how much salt is in the bottle just before the shot switches to Gilberts friends and the look at how much salt in the bottle when the shot switches back. In the first shot there is less salt than in the second shot.


Continuity mistake: In the sunset scene, Becky comments on how Gilbert missed the sunset. Then later, stock footage is used to show his house, and we see that the sunset is still going on. Not only that, but Gilbert's house consists of a single building, while this shot shows more than one building.

Visible crew/equipment: After the funeral, while Gilbert and Mrs. Carver are talking in the store, she says "Everybody thinks I killed him." After she says this, you can see a microphone dip down into view.

Continuity mistake: In the scene after the funeral, you see that Juliette Lewis gets groceries and gets a ride from Johnny Depp. They put the groceries in the back of his truck on the right side under a tarp because it's raining. When they get to her camper, the groceries are now on the left side of the truck.

Continuity mistake: At Arnie's party, from outside the house, Mama is seen looking out between two curtains. Later, from inside the house, she is looking out the window while lifting up a window blind.


Revealing mistake: Mama's eyes twitch as Arnie is bouncing up and down on her bed, even though she's supposed to be dead. Later, when the kids are around her in a vigil, she is very obviously breathing.


Revealing mistake: When Gilbert finds Arnie in the bath and takes him out, you can see a towel around Arnie's waist.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Gilbert is talking to his two friends in the diner about Becky, when Gilbert says "Her car broke down or something," his empty hand is up by his face. In the next shot, his hand is down by his plate and he is holding a fork.

Revealing mistake: During the rainstorm, after Gilbert delivers Becky and her groceries back to the camper, they are embracing in the rain and hoping that Nana won't get the camper started. You can see sunlight reflecting off the truck, their hair and their shoulders, even though they are standing in a supposed downpour with a completely cloudy sky.


Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, you can see the reflection in the "ENDora OF THE LINE drugs" store window, of a blue and white Manor (Texas) police car as it drives by.


Visible crew/equipment: When Mama comes out of the police station, a bounce card (light reflector) is visible.


Continuity mistake: When Gilbert is in the grocery store when Juliette Lewis comes in for the first time, Mary Steenbergen is talking to Gilbert through the shelf which is open on both sides. At the end of the scene, Gilbert is standing by the shelves and you can see the shelf is closed.

Factual error: In the grocery store where Gilbert works, loaves of Mrs. Baird's bread are seen on the shelves; Mrs. Baird's is a Texas-based bakery whose products would not be available as far away as Iowa.


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