Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
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Trivia: When Keith Richards is looking up the rule in the pirate code book, the skull ring on his finger is not a prop; he has worn it since receiving it for his birthday in 1978 from a famous London goldsmith, who used a real skull when modelling the design.

Trivia: A deleted scene describes Jack's debt with Davy Jones and the hatred between Jack and Beckett in greater detail: Jack used to be the captain of the Wicked Wench, a ship owned by the East India Trading Company, and so it indirectly belonged to Beckett. When Jack had to carry a cargo of slaves, he set them free instead of deliver them as he was ordered by Beckett. Beckett branded Jack as a pirate and burned the Wicked Wench so that it sank. Jack managed to escape and struck a deal with Davy Jones to raise the Wicked Wench in perfect condition except for the permanently blackened hull. This prompted Jack to rename her the Black Pearl. In return, Jack would give Davy Jones 100 years of service after he had been captain of the Black Pearl for 13 years. This served as the main plot device of the second film.


Trivia: The 'Hoist the Colours High' song, sung at the start of the movie, tells the story of how the first Brethren court captured Calypso.

Trivia: In the battle at the end of the movie when all ships are told to "Raise their colours" and each ship raises its flag. A number of the flags raised are the historically documented flags of famous pirates - Calico Jack Rackham, Thomas Tew and many more.

Trivia: When Norrington dies, and stabs Davy Jones with his sword, Davy Jones takes his sword from him. Then, at the end of the movie, Davy Jones stabs Will in the heart with that same sword. This was the sword that Will made for Norrington in the first movie.

Trivia: While normally Johnny Depp's real tattoos are covered or hidden somehow, in the scene with the numerous shirtless Jack Sparrows, watch closely. On some of them, they let his real tattoos show.

Trivia: After the ship goes over the falls (essentially the 'edge of the world') to Davy Jones's locker and the scene blacks out, a montage of sound clips is played. These clips are actual sound clips from the park ride itself. This is because the Pirates of the Caribbean ride begins with the boat-shaped cars making a trip over a small waterfall, similar to the boat going over the falls in the movie.

Trivia: For those of you who don't have the first DVD, when Jack considers "The immortal Captain Jack Sparrow," it's a reference to a deleted scene in the first film, in which he looks at his stolen medallion and considers the same thing.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Beckett boards the Dutchman and speaks to Jones, he has very noticeable dark facial stubble, but bizarrely, in his next close-up he is actually clean shaven, his wig curl has shrunk and his eyebrow hair is neater.

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Question: Maybe I'm missing something, but why can't Elizabeth just live on Will's boat at the end? Someone suggested it was because she cannot go into Davy Jones' Locker, but she has been there and got out before so why not again? Also, Will's father isn't dead but he can travel with Will, so why couldn't Elizabeth just join his crew?

Answer: From the point of view of the Dutchman, Bootstrap is dead enough to serve on the ship. The idea is that Jones rescues people who would otherwise simply have drowned and makes them serve on his ship in lieu of death; as such, they can be considered technically deceased. Elizabeth has been into the Locker, yes, but with the demise of Jones, the Locker may not even exist any more. Will's task is to escort the dead into the afterlife, not the Locker - while Elizabeth survived the Locker, the afterlife may be something entirely different. The rules regarding the Dutchman and the duties of her crew are never spelled out, but it seems that, no, Elizabeth cannot live on her.

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