The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
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Tony: Where the hell are we?
Percy: Geographically speaking, in the Northern Hemisphere. Socially, on the margins. And narratively, with some way to go.

Dr. Parnassus: Percy, what would I do without you?
Percy: Get a midget.

Tony: Don't shoot the messenger!

Mr. Nick: You're probably not a betting man are you?

Tony: Can you put a price on your dreams?

Tony: If Doctor Parnassus can really control people's mind, why isn't he ruling the world, then? Eh? Why bother with this little... Side show?
Anton: 'Side show'? He don't... He don't want to rule the world. He wants the world to rule itself!

Dr. Parnassus: You can't stop a story being told.
Mr. Nick: That's a weak hypothesis.

Tony: The Imaginarium does not cost a thing. We're not here for money.

Tony: Don't believe everything you read. Especially The Mirror.

Tony: Nothing is permanent, not even death.

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