The One With Ross's Wedding, part 2 - S4-E24

Other mistake: When Emily first walks in wearing her wedding dress, there is a distinctive difference between that dress and the one Monica picked up from the store a few episodes earlier and tried on (yes, more than that she is also wearing a jacket). There is a band of material at the top of the dress when Emily is wearing it that was not there when Monica wore it.

The One with the Monkey - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: Just before the opening credits, when Ross says, "That's 'pathet', which is Sanskrit for 'really cool way to live', " Marcel is sitting on Ross's left shoulder in the closeup, but in the next shot the monkey is suddenly sitting on his right shoulder, right before Ross walks off screen. (00:01:00)


The One After Vegas - S6-E1

Factual error: The makeup on Rachel's face "can't be covered up with makeup," and "won't come off," we learn in The One In Vegas, Part 2. So it's not a surprise that she still wakes up with it on (and so does Ross.) but an hour or so later, when she's at breakfast, it's not there. An hour or two won't make the magical difference that 8+ hours didn't.

The One With The Fake Party - S4-E16

Factual error: Phoebe says in the show that she's three months pregnant. Not only is she way too big for that, but the fetus also kicks for the first time. Women don't feel fetal movement until 16 weeks at the earliest, and for a first pregnancy it may not be until 25 weeks or so.

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Suggested correction: Phoebe's size could partially be explained in that she was carrying triplets, though Lisa Kudrow was pregnant in real life, and was further along than her character. Her pregnancy had to be written into the show and the gestation timelines did not match up. Phoebe feeling "movement" could just be her imagination, as her character is supposedly somewhat psychic and often perceives things that are not necessarily discernible to others or isn't even real.

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Suggested correction: Chandler's suit changes because he's wearing different ones over multiple days. He attempts to fire Nina, then chickens out, then tries again on another day and fails, then finally musters the courage to do so on a third attempt after his boss confronts him.

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No, if you watch the scene you will see that on the second attempt the suit changes colour between camera angles. This is not because it is different days.

Ssiscool Premium member

I just streamed it again. I don't see that the suit changes color from grey to green, but it does look different when seen from either the front or the back view. However, it looks like this is just from the set lighting. There's a strong light source coming from the left-hand side that makes Chandler's suit look lighter from the back. The front is more shadowed.

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The One With The Giant Poking Device - S3-E8

Factual error: The "very long poking device" that the friends fashion out of chopsticks would never actually work. It has vulnerable points every half-foot or so (the length of the chopsticks) and after a certain point would just break or sag under its own weight at one of the vulnerable points.

The One With Joey's New Girlfriend - S4-E5

Continuity mistake: When Ross goes to Amanda's house for a date you see her two children sitting on the couch. The little boy with blonde hair is sitting down, when it cuts to Ross and Amanda talking the boy is standing up on the couch, the next shot he's sat down as Amanda walks out the door.

The One With The Screamer - S3-E22

Factual error: Rachel's date yells at the theater patrons who are in the gang's seats; one of them has D13, and he screams "you're surrounded by even numbers, does that give you some clue?" However, the establishing shot shows they're at the Lucille Lortel Theater, which has odd-numbered seats on the left - the side they're sitting on. It is also a relatively small house and doesn't have a D13; the outermost seat in that row is D9. (00:04:50 - 00:05:30)


The One Where Underdog Gets Away - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: When the six are looking out the window at Ugly Naked Guy cooking his turkey, they are looking straight across the alley into his window. In "TOW The Giant Poking Device", Ugly Naked Guy's apartment is several floors below theirs in the adjoining building.

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The One With All The Rugby - S4-E15

Other mistake: When Ross first goes out to play rugby and goes into the scrum, just after Emily talks to the rest of the players, he jumps into the middle of the scrum where the ball should be. Instead, in the next shot, the rugby ball is to the far left of the shot, not in the actual scrum.

Kathy: So, what did you do today?
Chandler: Well, I had an appointment to get my hair cut...
Kathy: Oh, it looks great!
Chandler: ...and then it got cancelled.

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Trivia: The Magna-doodle on the door in the boys apartment has a different picture on it every episode. There is usually some tenuous connection between the picture and the plot of the episode.

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The One With The Jellyfish - S4-E1

Question: When Ross and Rachel are fighting, Chandler hides behind the door and bursts out saying, "I knew it!" When Rachel says, "It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy, and it is a big deal!" is this just a Chandler moment or is there another joke I have missed?

Answer: The statements that she's contradicting (that it is common, it happens to every guy, and it's not a big deal), are the things that a woman commonly says to a man who is suffering from erectile difficulty, typically to assuage his bruised ego. However, most men do not believe that these statements are true, as evidenced by Chandler's outburst. He's so caught up in the proof that women are lying about it that he gives himself away.

Rooster of Doom

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