The One In Barbados, part 2 - S9-E24

Character mistake: When Monica and Mike are playing table tennis, Monica puts her hand on the table and looses the point. Mike then does the same thing. Surely Monica, of all people would notice that as it would have given her the point. We also see her looking at Mike at the time. (00:33:40 - 00:39:25)


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Suggested correction: Not really a mistake to not notice it, especially when it may be what a character like Monica would notice. She is being extremely competitive and frustrated because Mike just denied her a point, so it's fair to say human nature plays a part here.

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Suggested correction: She did say something along the lines of "if they had lost."

This episode was on TBS this afternoon, I watched the scene multiple times, Monica does in fact say "If WE had lost...", this is a valid mistake.


The One In Massapequa - S8-E18

Character mistake: In the early years, the gang are talking about their pets dying and their parents saying they sent them to a farm and Ross thinks that actually exists. He said that they sent their dog Chee Chee there and HE could run about chasing animals. Then in TOI Massapequa, Monica is preparing her speech and she tells Chandler about Chee Chee and said SHE died when Monica was in school, and when Parker asks whose dog it is, Monica says HE's my old dog. Then during her speech, Monica says HER and Nana are gone. (00:15:30)

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The One With The Embryos - S4-E12

Character mistake: Both lightning rounds at the end of the quiz are significantly longer than the 30 seconds that Ross claims they are. (Even though he is supposedly using a stopwatch to time them.) The guys' lightning round is actually 43 seconds long, and the girls' lightning round is 45 seconds long. (00:14:20)

Show generally

Character mistake: In some episodes the facade of Central Perk is shown. On the window the word "cappuccino" is misspelled, it says "cappucino."

The One With The Embryos - S4-E12

Character mistake: When they are about to start the game, Ross declares that "the first team to answer the most questions wins." This is a nonsensical statement. By that logic, the first team to answer a question correctly would be the winner. It should be either the team that has correctly answered the most questions at the end of the game wins, or the first team to correctly answer an X number of questions.


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Suggested correction: While it's a weird way for him to say it, he starts by saying "each team will answer ten questions", so no, the first team to answer a question wouldn't win.


Yes, he qualified that it was a 10-question game, and we as the audience understand going in how the winner is decided. It's just the way he declared how the winner would be decided didn't make sense. It would be like watching an NBA game, and before tipoff, the crew chief tells both teams that the first team to score the most baskets wins. We know what the rules of an NBA game are, but the referee makes a nonsensical statement all the same.


Except there's so many variations of how a team can win a game; best 3 out of 5, win by 2, or a game can even end in a tie. Since this isn't a professional sport where all the players know how a game ends, Ross is basically saying after 10 rounds, if there is a tie, it will go to sudden death with the team with the first correct answer winning, just not in so many words.


The Last One (2) - S10-E20

Character mistake: Even though both Ross and Rachel have cell phones with them and use them for other calls, it never occurs to Ross early on and as he's frantically racing to the airport with Phoebe, to call and tell Rachel that he loves her or at least to say that he is on his way to tell her something important before her plane takes off for Paris.


The One In Barbados, part 2 - S9-E24

Character mistake: When Mike and Monica are playing ping pong, Mike's service was a fault as he released and hit the ball over the top of the table rather than behind. He then (on the same point) claims to win the point because Monica placed her hand on the table. (00:33:00)


The One With Phoebe's Cookies - S7-E3

Character mistake: When Phoebe brings in her frozen cookie and Monica tastes it to try to determine the ingredients, she says "I definitely taste nutmeg." She then goes on to brag about how that's the difference between a professional and a layman. Except that later when she finds the actual recipe, it's from the Nestle Toll House bag - and that contains no nutmeg.

The One With The Football - S3-E9

Character mistake: Ross tells Chandler to run a "post pattern to the left." (And Chandler quickly agrees.) In football, this is a type of passing play where Ross would hold on to the ball while Chandler runs straight down the field immediately after the snap, eventually veering diagonally to the left once he's a ways down field to receive a pass from Ross. The play that they actually run is completely different. It's a running play known as a sweep. (A toss sweep to be precise.) There is no possible way that anyone either making play calls or running them would ever confuse a post vs. a sweep. (00:10:10)

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Kathy: So, what did you do today?
Chandler: Well, I had an appointment to get my hair cut...
Kathy: Oh, it looks great!
Chandler: ...and then it got cancelled.

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Trivia: The Magna-doodle on the door in the boys apartment has a different picture on it every episode. There is usually some tenuous connection between the picture and the plot of the episode.

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The One With The Dirty Girl - S4-E6

Question: When Joey asks why he can't give Kathy the pen, Chandler says, "Because she's not eleven. And it's not the seventh night of Chanukah." What is Chandler talking about when he says, "It's not the seventh night of Chanukah?"

Answer: Usually by the seventh night of Hanukkah you don't know what to get the other person, and you will probably resort to getting the other person something insignificant. Chandler is basically saying that the pen is a stupid gift.

Answer: Chanukah is a Jewish celebration that occurs around the same time as the Christian Christmas. The celebration lasts for eight days and it is customary to give a small gift on each of the eight days. There is no special gift required and the line about it being "the seventh night" of Chanukah is just Chandler's sarcasm.


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