Best TV character mistakes of 1994

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Origin of Iron Man: Part 1 - S1-E11

Character mistake: When young Tony Stark is telling his father that their helicopter's anti-flak chip didn't kick in, he acknowledges that it was his fault by saying he blew it. When his father corrects him and says "No Tony, we blew it. Stark and Son," Tony defensively says "The anti-flak chip failed, it's not my fault," completely contradicting what he said seconds earlier. (00:14:00)

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ER (1994)

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Dead of Winter - S2-E11

Character mistake: In the scene where a patient is about to give birth, Peter asks Jeanie to help him move the patient's legs but calls her by Haleh's name.

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Fantastic Four: The Animated Series picture Fantastic Four: The Animated Series mistake picture

Behold, a Distant Star - S2-E10

Character mistake: When Sue is brought out of surgery, her father can be seen wearing a watch. Surgeons don't wear watches or any other kind of jewelry when performing surgery, as they can't be sterilized and can also get in the way of gloves. (00:05:00)

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Kiss My Bum - S4-E10

Character mistake: Before Ellen invites Perry to thanksgiving there was only going to be seven for thanksgiving and yet whenever someone is asked about how many there are going to be at thanksgiving they answer eight.

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