Friends (1994)

3 mistakes in The One With The Birth Mother

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The One With The Birth Mother - S10-E9

Visible crew/equipment: When Joey's telling Phoebe about having been at a nice restaurant with his date and how she took fries off his plate, in the shots facing Joey in the restaurant we can see the end of the set wall, with a 2x4 framed plywood board and a heavy duty extension cord hanging there.

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The One With The Birth Mother - S10-E9

Plot hole: David Schwimmer is 6'2" tall and Jennifer Aniston is 5'6". There is no way that clothes that fit Rachel would also fit Ross. When he puts on the clothes that Rachel bought it's obviously not Rachel's size. If it really were, it would be a lot tighter and shorter (Ross could probably wear it belly free).

The One With The Birth Mother - S10-E9

Audio problem: When Monica and Chandler are talking about telling Erica, when Monica says "Technicality!" It doesn't match with her lips. (00:15:30)


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