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Flaming Moe's - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: As Homer watches TV at the beginning, if you look really closely, you can see the remote on the couch colored to be exactly like brown. It then disappears eventually, and then reappears. (00:01:35 - 00:02:30)


Tree House of Horror II: A Simpsons Halloween - S3-E7

Other mistake: As Mr. Burns' fireplace rotates, the items on the top should have fallen off, but they didn't. They also disappear/reappear between frames. (00:16:10)


Separate Vocations - S3-E18

Revealing mistake: After Bart gets promoted to Hall Monitor, when he tells the girl at the fountain to keep the line moving, the kid behind her drinks from the fountain but the water does not go into his mouth. (00:13:40)

The Simpsons mistake picture

Homerpalooza - S7-E24

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Homer dodges the cannon ball, he is wearing goggles and a helmet. But when Homer jumps down from the platform and hugs Marge, his helmet and goggles have disappeared.

Homer's Barbershop Quartet - S5-E1

Continuity mistake: When Homer is talking to George Harrison, he sees that he has a brownie. Then he rushes over to a pile of brownies and starts scoffing them down. The pile of brownies doesn't get smaller.

Little Orphan Millie - S19-E6

Continuity mistake: As Bart is about to enter his house after trying to impress his friends by krumping, you can see he is entering The Front door. However, in the next shot when he gets inside and Marge is waiting you can see that he has entered the family room, which is only accessible through the back door. Entering by The Front door would place him by the stairs, at The Front of the house.

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Bart's Comet - S6-E14

Plot hole: If there were too many people in the shelter when Homer was trying to shut the door, how could Ned easily walk up to his family and then outside?

Catch 'em If You Can - S15-E18

Factual error: Bart gets bored of "Love Story" and presses the split-screen button to watch Krusty, which replaces the movie audio with the Krusty audio. Split-screen buttons only provide a picture, not an audio.

Like Father, Like Klown - S3-E6

Continuity mistake: When we see the overhead shot of Krusty crying at the Simpsons' table (just before he explains his story), we can see that Krusty has no meat on his plate. When we first see the family and Krusty after the story, there's meat on Krusty's plate. This is visible in the 'Homer's tuxedo' mistake picture.

The Simpsons mistake picture

Like Father, Like Klown - S3-E6

Continuity mistake: During dinner, Krusty does not have a shirt pocket until he pulls out his handkerchief. (00:06:45)


Who Shot Mr. Burns? (1) - S6-E25

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Burns falls onto the sundial, everybody starts gathering around. Marge is there, with Maggie. She left Maggie in the car and seeing as she went off to look for Homer, Bart, Lisa and Grandpa and that she was one of the first on the scene when Mr. Burns collaspses, it would be difficult to run back and get Maggie from the car.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge - S11-E21

Continuity mistake: When Homer is changing the oil in Marge's car, he is in his own driveway, but in the next, he is perpendicular to Flanders' house and then in Flanders' driveway.


Home Away From Homer - S16-E20

Continuity mistake: When Homer hits Coach with a chair, the white stripe that was on Coach's tracksuits has gone.


Homer and Apu - S5-E13

Continuity mistake: In the opening shot of Apu serving his customers, you can see Martin wearing a purple shirt. However, later when all the customers are grumbling about the price, you can see Martin walk away wearing a white shirt.

Tales from the Public Domain - S13-E14

Continuity mistake: In the Troy scene, the letterbox outside the wall suddenly appears when the shot looks down to it. It wasn't there before and it isn't afterwards.

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Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore - S15-E12

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when Nelson is describing his family problems to the bus, the children change position between shots. Watch, for example, the boy sitting in front of Martin; in some shots he is white, in others black. (00:00:30)


I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot - S15-E9

Continuity mistake: When the boys get to the top of the hill the light on The Front of the bike has shrunk dramatically since the first time we saw it at Bart's driveway. (00:00:55 - 00:02:15)


Saturdays of Thunder - S3-E9

Audio problem: When Homer sulks about not knowing anything about Bart, his first words of speech doesn't match his mouth. (00:08:20)


This Little Wiggy - S9-E18

Continuity mistake: As soon as the family has left the Knowledgeium, they are immediately outside walking away. The shot changes and the building is nowhere to be seen.

This Little Wiggy - S9-E18

Audio problem: When Bart is reading Marge's police file he says 'Oh, Mum's only been in twice.' But the lip sync is a bit out because it does not match the words he says.

Homer's brain: It's simple, just use reverse psycology.
Homer: Reverse psycology? That sounds too complicated.
Homer's brain: Alright, don't use reverse psycology.
Homer: Alright, I will!

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Trivia: The Simpsons holds the record for most guest stars; it is also the only non-variety show to have had appearances from three former Beatles (Paul, George and Ringo).

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Question: Which episodes feature the "Howling Dog" (usually used on outside shots of buildings)?

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