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Undercover Burns - S32-E1

Continuity mistake: After Phil eats the "horse" egg at Moe's he asks to be taken to the hospital, and when it cuts back to Homer at the power plant, the direction of the stripes on Homer's tie switch to the opposite direction, mid shot. The same thing occurs again later. First, when Homer is standing outside the office while Fred talks to Burns about the benefits package, and also when Homer can't stay for Marge's turkey breakfast. (00:07:05 - 00:12:20)

Super Grover

Undercover Burns - S32-E1

Continuity mistake: While Homer, Carl, and Lenny are at Moe's with their new bud Fred, in the interior shots the swinging front door to Moe's swings open on the left side, but in the exterior shot when they all leave Moe's, that door still swings open on the left side, opposite to the interior shots. (00:08:00)

Super Grover

The Cartridge Family - S9-E5

TV Announcer: The Continental Soccer Association is coming to Springfield. It's all here: fast kicking, low scoring. And ties? You bet.
Bart: Hey Dad, how come you've never taken us to see a soccer game?
Homer: I don't know.
TV Announcer: You'll see all your favorite soccer stars. Like Arriaga, Arriaga II, Barriaga, Aruglia, and Pizzozza.
Homer: Oh, I've never heard of those people.
TV Announcer: And they'll all be signing autographs.
Homer: Woohoo!
TV Announcer: This match will determine once and for all which nation is the greatest on Earth. Mexico or Portugal.


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Trivia: Maggie scans as $847.63 in the supermarket at the beginning (not NRA4EVER, as Troy Maclure asserts in 3F31 "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular), the price it costs to feed and care for the average American baby every month.

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Question: Which episodes feature the "Howling Dog" (usually used on outside shots of buildings)?

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