A Sound of Thunder

Revealing mistake: When Ryer and Rand jump off Rand's window and down to the street, they land on a tree. Notice the severed branches; instead of being broken [presumably from the falling bodies], they are cut rather smoothly.

Allister Cooper, 2011

Continuity mistake: When the maker of TAMI is drawing in the air with the blue pen for the first time, she makes a ripple effect on one side, but when the shot switches it's gone; it does this for the rest of the scene.


Continuity mistake: When Travis goes to visit Dr. Rand to tell her what happened, she sticks a shotgun through the opening in the door to drive him off. Once he explains who he is, we hear the door unlock. In the next shot, when Travis walks in, Dr. Rand is instantly on the other side of the huge penthouse.


Plot hole: Travis does the last time jump to change the events of a previous time jump. As all the jumps were to the exact same time to kill the same dinosaur, the travelers of the second jump must have found there the travelers of the first one. The travelers of the third jump must have found the travelers of the second and the first, and so on.

Continuity mistake: The scientist draws concentric rings while saying, "We seem to be stuck ahead of the changes that are occurring." She then puts a dent in the rings. The shot changes to the government guy who responds, "What do we do?" When the shot goes back to her, the rings are in their original undented state as she replies, "Let me work on it." (00:50:08)

Other mistake: When we see Middleton's bootprint, there is only one. There should be more than one bootprint as he goes along, even from one boot, as he walks toward the group to rejoin them.

Allister Cooper, 2011

Factual error: The trip goes back 65 million years. This is the late Cretaceous period. The Allosaurus was a Jurassic period dinosaur, which became extinct before the beginning of the Cretaceous period. Granted, the Allosaurus was probably the most powerful predator of its time, the events in this movie take place long after the time of the Allosaurus.


Plot hole: How could a species extinction cause a volcanic eruption? It makes no sense.

Sonia Rand: I don't have time for stupid idiots.
Travis Ryer: Well, why don't you make some time. How about we stop with the insults, because it is starting to get on my nerves.
Sonia Rand: You think I devoted my career to designing an amusement park ride for rich men to compensate for their little willies by shooting prehistoric animals, is that what you really think?
Travis Ryer: No, what I think is that if you were a guy, someone would have probably knocked you on your ass a long time ago.

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