A Sound of Thunder

Travis goes back in time to a few seconds before the hunting trip just as the time wave that affects humans (in the future) arrives. In the past, Travis tells Jenny to show him (Travis) the recording of the hunt and to activate the bio filter as soon as they arrive from the hunt since he knows that he'll notice something different in the recording which is the other Travis (and the bio filter indicates if anyone that was in a hunt has brought back anything from the past); he also prevents one of the clients from killing the butterfly that caused all the changes to occur. After the hunt, Jenny gives the recording to Travis (note: the butterfly wasn't killed so all the evolutionary changes haven't occurred) and the filter is activated. Travis takes the recording to Sonia and they begin working on a way to prevent evolutionary changes and to stop Hatton from causing any damage.


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The name on Travis' helmet switches between 'Ryer' to 'Travis' several times throughout the movie.



After every time travel safari, Charles Hatton greets and welcomes back his guests, comparing them to Columbus, Marco Polo, Armstrong, and 'Brubaker landing on Mars.' In 1978, director Peter Hyams, directed Capricorn One [and A Sound of Thunder], a film about a staged travel to Mars. Three astronauts were involved - Lt. Willis, Cmdr. Walker, and Col. Brubaker.