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Tree House of Horror VI - S7-E6

Corrected entry: In "Attack Of The 50ft. Eyesores", how could Homer get Lard Lad's donut into the house? (00:01:50)

Correction: Homer tore it apart, pulled it into the house, and then put it back together.

Tree House of Horror VI - S7-E6

Corrected entry: During "Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace", Sherri and Terri have slash marks across their dresses and Nelson is shiny - even his regular clothes. That means that they slept in their regular clothes, which is a bit odd (unless they're imitating Bart for the previous Halloween episode...). (00:07:45)

Correction: Willie was so busy with Bart and Lisa during the night that he had to get Nelson, Sherri, and Terri during their naps at school or somewhere else.

Lisa's First Word - S4-E10

Corrected entry: When Lisa asks what was Bart's first word Marge imagines Bart walking into Homer and Marge's room and says aye carumba. But its in the current house but Bart lived in a different house when he was younger so it is most likely he said his first word in that house.

Correction: (It is the old house. Behind Bart is a green wall, which can't be the upstairs of the new house because that has a pink wall.).

Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy - S5-E14

Corrected entry: Kent Brockman reports that the US President has been arrested for murder. This can't happen. Murder or not, the US President is immune from arrest while in office.

Correction: Not true. President Franklin Pierce was arrested for driving a horse and buggy too fast while in office, and President Ulysses Grant was arrested for driving a horse and buggy while drunk.

The Springfield Files - S8-E10

Corrected entry: Homer is at a stall which is selling T-shirts. He discovers that they had sold out of 'Homer is a dope' T-shirts. After Marge promotes this shirt to Homer, with all it's good points, Homer turns to buy 10 of them - we see the man accepting the money - But they have sold out, remember.

Correction: Actually, the man selling the shirts doesn't accept any cash, as Homer didn't offer him any. Homer turns around and says "I'll buy 2", then it's a different shot. This is basically there to show off Homer's stupidity.

Bart to the Future - S11-E17

Corrected entry: This episode takes place in 2030, and it's said that Lisa was just inaugurated President. There will be a presidential inauguration in 2029, not 2030.

Correction: Not necessarily. Although not routine, there may be an inauguration in 2030 if the previous president's term is terminated early for some reason (e.g. they die or are impeached, or simply resign).

Andy Benham Premium member

I, (Annoyed Grunt)-bot - S15-E9

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the episode, Lisa calls Mr. Skinner "Principal Tanzarian". However, at the end of the episode "The Principal and the Pauper", Judge Schneider declares that anyone who ever mentions the fact that he's not the real Seymour Skinner ever again is to be punished... "by penalty of torture". May I do the honours, Judge?

Correction: Like for any crime, you're only punished if you're caught.

Lisa's First Word - S4-E10

Corrected entry: Even though Grandpa Simpson is younger in this episode, a picture of his older self is hanging in the Simpsons' home. Creepy.

Correction: That's a picture of HIS father. In several episodes of The Simpsons it is established that Homer will look just like Abe as he gets older, and so on down the generations.

Homer's Phobia - S8-E15

Corrected entry: John is wearing Homer's old bowling shirt which he got at the Goodwill, but at the end of the bowling episode, Mr. Burn's attack hounds tears Homer's "Pin Pals" shirt to shreds. How could John get that shirt at the Goodwill if the hounds tore it up?

Correction: We don't see Homer get mauled in the bowling episode; the dogs could've been tearing his pants (which is likely since they pulled him down from the fence that way).


Springfield Connection - S6-E23

Corrected entry: In the scene where Marge is chopping celery, the knife is always in front of the celery as she chops, and never passes through the stick of celery - so no slices should be cut.


Correction: This episode was recently shown on T.V. and it does show Marge cutting up the celery.

Jane Doe

Like Father, Like Klown - S3-E6

Corrected entry: Krusty's fancy coat is missing during dinner. (00:06:00)


Correction: There was a few minutes between these two scenes and it would have taken only a few seconds for Krusty to take it off.

Show generally

Corrected entry: Throughout the whole show, Homer indicates he has three religions. The first one where he becomes an astronaut, he says he is Christian. Then when he becomes a body guard for the mayor, he indicates he is Muslim when his instructor says he can't worship Muhammad and Homer replies, "Not even during Ramadan?" which is a holy day in Islam. And finally in "Bye, Bye Nerdy" he tells Apu he is Hindu.

Correction: The Simpsons are Christians. The Ramadan thing was just a throwaway joke. I don't know about the Hindu comment, but I bet it was a throwaway joke, too.

Homer Defined - S3-E5

Corrected entry: When the meltdown is in progress Smithers says that Homer was hired under Project Bootstrap, yet in the episode titled "I Married Marge" we see that it was Mr.Burns himself that hired Homer.

Correction: Although Homer is hired by Mr Burns in a later episode (when Bart visits the powerplant) Homer is fired by the twins' dad. He is then rehired under that thing Smithers said.

Bart the Murderer - S3-E4

Corrected entry: If the cops are standing right beside the room where Skinner's trapped, and the door is partially open, why would the cops NOT hear Skinner when he yelled? (00:19:45)


Correction: This is a mistake, but it is the point of the joke. The cops tear apart Skinners room to find him, but don't hear him yelling in the next room.

Bart the Murderer - S3-E4

Corrected entry: How can Lisa eat breakfast and get on the bus in a matter of seconds? Also, Bart changes from being in his pyjamas to his normal clothing in no time at all. (00:01:30 - 00:02:15)


Correction: If lisa can eat breakfast and bart instantly changes there could have been a small break between the two parts.

Today, I am a Klown - S15-E6

Corrected entry: Bart asks Lisa how she knows so much about the Talmud. She credits her imaginary Jewish friend. But Bart was with Lisa in episode 3-6: "Like Father, Like Clown," when she made an extensive study of ancient Jewish texts. So Bart shouldn't need to ask the question in the first place, and Lisa's answer is incorrect, or at least incomplete.


Correction: Yes Bart was with Lisa, BUT in Homers barbershop quartet, Bart says he can't remember what happened 8 seconds ago so he would have forgotten by then.

If we acknowledge that Bart forgetting is reasonable, it doesn't explain why Lisa's answer doesn't match the actual storyline where she studied the Talmud.


Like Father, Like Klown - S3-E6

Corrected entry: When Krusty leaves, we can see Lisa at the door with Bart and Marge. However, she was sleeping just a few shots earlier. (00:10:20 - 00:11:25)


Correction: Marge could have woken her up to see off their guest.

Homer Defined - S3-E5

Corrected entry: When the school bus stops at Springfield Elementary, it is visible that the bus stops on the sidewalk. (00:02:20)


Correction: Otto is driving. It is not impossible or a mistake for them to be parked on the sidewalk.

Team Homer - S7-E12

Corrected entry: When Bart's class goes nuts after seeing his "Down with Homework" t-shirt, we see Ralph sitting on the floor, eating paste. The problem is, Ralph is in Lisa's class, not Bart's.

Correction: If he's dumb enough to be eating paste he's dumb enough to be in the wrong classroom.

There's No Disgrace Like Home - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When Homer hits Barney in Moe's he says "here's five you haven't met" meaning his fingers. Only problem is all The Simpsons characters have four fingers.

Correction: They probably did this for a joke.

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Show generally

Continuity mistake: This is a mistake for the introduction from seasons 2-20 (1991-2009). When Homer screams, he turns round. You see this in a wide shot. There are no boxes to the right of the door in the garage. However, two just appear out of thin air when he runs through the garage. (00:01:50)

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Tree House of Horror X - S11-E4

[The Simpsons are driving down a road as fast as possible.]
Homer: Dear God, it's Homer. If you really love me you'll save my life now.
[The gas needle immediately drops to empty and the car stops.]
Homer: D'oh.

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Trivia: The Simpsons holds the record for most guest stars; it is also the only non-variety show to have had appearances from three former Beatles (Paul, George and Ringo).

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