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The Mansion Family - S11-E12

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the show, the hospital Mr. Burns is at has a sign in front of it that reads, "Got Tumor?", but when we see the hospital again it isn't there. Additionally, the "Mayo Clinic" sign atop the building gets noticeably smaller in the second shot.

Bart the Murderer - S3-E4

Continuity mistake: There are three mistakes when court is dismissed: 1) the people standing around disappear, 2) the two men with Fat Tony disappear for one shot, and 3) when Bart says that crime doesn't pay, Marge is suddenly standing beside Bart. (00:20:35)


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Suggested correction: There are also 3 corrections here. 1) the only people standing near the bench are Lionel Hutz and Seymour Skinner. Seymour is simply out of shot and Hutz is on screen. 2) Legs and Louie don't disappear they remain standing on the steps but due to the camera angle that is now looking across the steps rather than up the steps so they are out of shot. 3) There is a close up of Bart and Fat Tony long enough for Marge to walk over.

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Bart After Dark - S8-E5

Continuity mistake: When the mob is at the gates of Belle's house, the door bell is first seen on the left hand side of the gates. In the next shot (behind Flanders) it is in the center of the gates.

Lisa the Vegetarian - S7-E5

Continuity mistake: When Maggie's dummy is spinning after the goat has taken her, the ground is clear. In the next close up shot there are tufts of grass and clumps of dirt there.

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Trivia: Maggie scans as $847.63 in the supermarket at the beginning (not NRA4EVER, as Troy Maclure asserts in 3F31 "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular), the price it costs to feed and care for the average American baby every month.

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Answer: Willy referred to an encounter he believed he had with actual aliens, while Wiggum thought he was referring to the arcade game.

Answer: The joke is that Willie was so addicted to Space Invaders that he believed it was reality: every time he played, he was actually defending the Earth from dangerous aliens. It's a surprise to him that it was actually a game.


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