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Frankie Delano: You ever read this book?
Bruno: Have I ever read that book? Not only does that insult my intelligence but it insults my ignorance. Why would a man like me, who happens to like himself, be caught dead reading a bit of boy toy fluff like that?
Frankie Delano: Because it's a killer.

Frankie Delano: I believe in two things, the kindness of the saints and there's somebody for everybody.

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James Bonomo: What are we, fucking Vikings?

James Bonomo: Bang. Down. Owned.

James Bonomo: I know. I've heard this speech before. We should've taken him in.

James Bonomo: Are we gonna fight or are you planning on boring me to death?

James Bonomo: Guns don't kill people. Bullets do.

James Bonomo: We'll figure this thing out, then we'll go get him.
Taylor Kwon: Get him and what?
James Bonomo: Get him and take him out.
Taylor Kwon: You mean take him in.
James Bonomo: Yeah, take him in. Whatever.

James Bonomo: I got some rules... no women... no children.

James Bonomo: I'm a people person.

James Bonomo: I take out the trash.

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Frank Nitti: He was stupid. He was an animal. All he knew were guns, Tony. That's what put him on top and that's how he figured to stay on top. He was so busy pumping bullets in the guy across the street that he forgot something.The same thing Johnny Torrio forgot. That the guy you really gotta watch out for isn't across the street at all. He's the bum standing on the same ladder you are. Right behind you.

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Gabe Walker: I've been working up in Denver.
base Jumper 1: Work? Don't say that word man.
Evan: Man, I hate work. Even when somebody else is doing it.

Qualen: I must admit you're a real piece of work.
Gabe Walker: Yeah, and I must admit, you're a real piece of shit.

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Gonzales: I would kill for some.
Marion Cobretti: What?
Gonzales: Gummy bears.

Chief Halliwell: Cobretti, do know you have an attitude problem?
Marion Cobretti: Yeah, but it's just a little one.

Marion Cobretti: You're a disease, and I'm the cure.

Marion Cobretti: As long as we play by these bullshit rules and the killer doesn't, we're gonna lose.

Night Slasher: The court is civilized, isn't it, pig?
Marion Cobretti: But I'm not. This is where the law stops and I start, sucker.

Marion Cobretti: I don't deal with psychos. I put 'em away.

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