Rambo: First Blood

After spending a night in the jungle trying to survive the police, John Rambo (Stallone) steals a truck and drives into town. He arms himself with a large machine gun. Col. Trautman (Crenna) tries to convince Sheriff Teasle (Dennehy) not to fight Rambo, but Teasle ignores him. Rambo shoots up the town, knocking out all the power boxes and blowing up the gun store. He makes his way to the police station, where Teasle hiding on the roof, tries to shoot him. Rambo quickly dodges Teasle's bullets and shoots through the ceiling, hitting Teasle's legs. Rambo is about to kill Teasle when Trautman comes in and tells him the battle is over. Rambo gives a small speech about how he started the battle because of his anger over how he is being mistreated by people who have never experienced what he did in Vietnam. Rambo breaks down crying, and eventually gets taken away.


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Sheriff Teasle: Whatever possessed God in heaven to make a man like Rambo?
Colonel Trautman: God didn't make Rambo. I made him.



During the motorcycle chase Rambo jumps over the train tracks, if you look close you can easily see the ramp



In the introduction to the 1988 Hodder Headline edition of the novel First Blood, author David Morrell says that he got the name Rambo from both a variety of apple, and the writer Rimbaud: "A French author's name and the name of an apple collided, and I recognized the sound of force."