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Corrected entry: After losing the motorcycle climbing the mountain, Rambo searches through abandoned mining equipment for survival items. He finds an old tarp from which to make a poncho. When he takes out his survival knife he throws away the scabbard. The scabbard is back on his belt for the rest of the film.

Correction: Obviously he found the scabbard after cutting up the tarp.


Corrected entry: When Rambo jumps off the cliff, he cuts his left arm on a tree branch and he screams in pain. Later on the ground, he is sewing up his right arm.

Correction: Sylvester Stallone actually broke his rib when he hit that branch, and that is why he screamed, "Jesus!" He shot the movie injured for months after this stunt, and could not tape it because of the tarp wardrobe. They could have intended for us to believe that the cut could have happened elsewhere during the fall, or they tried to use the cut to make the scream seem needed for the scene while not revealing the actor's real injury.

Corrected entry: This movie occurs somewhere in the extreme NW. We know this because when the sheriff drops off Rambo after giving him a ride at the beginning, he says that Seattle is due south. Why then do so many of the characters talk with southern accents? The fat deputy and the hound handler are the 2 most noticeable, but there are many. Even accounting for immigration, this seems to be a mistake by the director. It's probably meant to be in a stereotypical hillbilly backwater town, with the accents confirming this, but inexplicably it's the Canadian border.

Correction: He actually says Portland, not Seattle, putting it much further south than the Canadian border. And there are many people in rural areas like this one that grow up speaking with a "drawl", besides the south.

Correction: In the movie, Hope was set in Washington State...You can see this on the license plates of the Sheriff's Department cruisers. For all the other vehicles, they printed out card license plates.

Corrected entry: After Rambo crashes over the police road blockade with the army truck, he drives back to the town with relative ease. Why didn't the police chase Rambo back to the town?


Correction: Many things are apparent that can easily account for this. (1) Rambo was presumed dead thus most of army personell had already left. (2) Rambo injured most of the town's police officers and hence they were not on duty. (3) Rambo did crash into the blockade and hence those vehicles could not give chase. The crash would have destroyed any radio/communication device they had.


Corrected entry: In the scene where John Rambo is escaping from the jail, he is seen leaving with his knife although he is never shown getting it from the locker (which was locked).

Correction: Rambo's knife was never put in a locker; Teasle gave his gun to a policeman to put in the locker, but that was all. You see Rambo pick up his knife from another policeman's desk.

Corrected entry: While Rambo is being asked his personal information in the basement of the police department, look for a young David Caruso (Lt. Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami) as one of the deputies in an early film role.

Correction: How is this trivia? He's onscreen quite clear and obvious to see. Interesting cameos can be considered trivia, but this is neither interesting nor a cameo.


Corrected entry: Rambo throws a rock at the helicopter's windshield and it cracks. Helicopter windshields are made of Plexiglas, which is impossible to break with a little rock.


Correction: Throw a rock hard enough and plexiglass will still crack. Tempered glass, like windshields in cars, will look shattered if hit by a rock, as they're designed to not have huge slabs of glass come in to cut people up. Side windows don’t fall apart due to a plastic layer in the middle to keep it together, but still shatters. If it was lexan, it would not have cracked, probably. But it is doubtful they were making helicopter windshields out of lexan back then. Without knowing exactly what the windshield was made of, it can’t be assumed that it would not crack from a thrown rock.

Quantom X Premium member

Corrected entry: When Rambo, Trautman and Kern exit the shot-up police station at the film's conclusion, a sign stating "Hope Rotary Club Past Presidents" can be seen: not something that would usually be in a police station.

Correction: Not usual, but certainly not impossible. Someone in the police station had a connection to the Rotary Club, and decided to hang the sign there.


Corrected entry: After chasing the sheriff's posse out of the woods, Rambo kills and eats a wild boar, despite a dearth of wild boar in western Washington.

Correction: Just because they are scarce does not mean he could not have caught one.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: At the beginning, Rambo goes into town to visit someone he served with in Vietnam named Delmar Berry. Rambo shows his wife a picture of the "Baker Team" back in Vietnam and lists the people in the picture, including the names Westmore and Bronson. When Colonel Trautman is trying to contact Rambo on the radio, he identifies the "Baker Team" and reads off a list of names that doesn't include Westmore or Bronson.

Corrected entry: When Rambo goes berserk in the downstairs jail of the Sheriff's office, he systematically pummels each of the 4 or 5 officers before making his escape. Since when is it police code to not be armed in the presence of violent prisoners? If even only one of the officers were armed, Rambo would have been taken out in 2 seconds. This inconsistency is especially glaring since these officers were backwater yokels who probably did not follow any code of ethics, considering they were practically torturing Rambo down there.

Correction: Take a close look at the sign on the wall right behind Rambo's head when Deputy Galt asks Rambo for his name: It tells officers to lock their guns away on entering the cell block area, so they're just following orders. Furthermore, before freaking out, Rambo behaves in a very passive, almost shy manner, saying nothing, moving slowly. He surely doesn't cooperate, but he's not violent either. The cops even take off his handcuffs, unsuspectingly. It's quite plausible they thought they could handle the guy without taking additional security measures because they didn't consider him a threat at all prior to his fit. Once the rampage starts, however, he takes them all by surprise. He's so fast that even the armed officers upstairs (Teasle, Balford, Lester) cannot stop him.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when the gas station blows up, watch the cars parked in front of the "Kool Lights" advertisement. These two cars explode (for no obvious reason, by the way) after the police officers have gotten out of their cars. They run away from the explosion and leave their police cars behind. Next shot, the same two cars in front of the ad explode again.

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Trivia: In the introduction to the 1988 Hodder Headline edition of the novel First Blood, author David Morrell says that he got the name Rambo from both a variety of apple, and the writer Rimbaud: "A French author's name and the name of an apple collided, and I recognized the sound of force."

J I Cohen

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Question: I was wondering, at the beginning when the cop is about to shave him, why does he freak out about the knife but can kill people with his own knife?


Chosen answer: Because it's a knife that someone else is holding and can use against him. It's common for people in dangerous professions to regard their weapons as tools. For example, police officers who commit suicide by handgun rarely use their service weapon, but rather a personal firearm.

Captain Defenestrator

Additionally, I believe it is made clear during that scene that Rambo had previously been tortured at some point, and one of the tools used was a knife. So the combination of being restrained and having someone approach with a knife caused him to basically have extreme PTSD and so he attempts to escape.


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