Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Continuity mistake: Watch the position of Joey's Mum when she is on the cart in the airport - she switches from being on the left side, then to the middle, finishing on the right.

Continuity mistake: When Joey is brushing his teeth after his mom has seen the murder, in one shot he is brushing then in the next he spits out a mouthful of water without taking a drink from anywhere. The water is also clear, not toothpaste white.

Continuity mistake: At breakfast, where Tutti gives Joe the machine gun, the positioning of Joe's coffee cup and his arm constantly switch between camera angles,.


Continuity mistake: When Joe is on the ledge with the jumper and his mom says to wave, we see Joe and the jumper waving with their left hands. In the next shot Joe is waving with his right hand, the jumper's left hand is down, and Joe is in front of the window instead of the brick column.


Tutti: For now you can keep your pants on for now, Mr. Parnell. Just remember one thing, I'll be back.
Joe: Oooh gee.
Tutti: What? Did I embarrass you?
Joe: 'I'll be back'? Please!
Tutti: I heard a cop say it once.
Joe: Cops don't say that. Terminators say that.

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