Copland (1997)

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Sheriff Freddy Heflin (Stallone) eventually finds Superboy (Rapaport) hiding out in an abandoned water tower. When he goes by himself to turn Superboy in, Jack (Patrick) and Frank (Nascarella) catch them and Jack fires a gun next to Freddy's good ear, leaving him completely deaf. Freddy walks all the way to Ray Donlan's (Keitel) house and shoots all of Donlan's men. Figgs (Liotta) shows up also and saves Freddy from being shot. Freddy shoots and kills Ray. Freddy and Figgs both deliver Superboy to Lt. Moe Tilden (De Niro) who takes him away. Freddy is then criticised by the rest of the Police Department for being the man who killed Ray Donlan. He decides to stay Sheriff and his ear recovers.

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Continuity mistake: In one of the scenes, Sheriff Heflin is playing a record, and the music we hear is a song by Springsteen. However, the record doesn't have the red Columbia Records label that all of Springsteen's albums have. They obviously decided to use Springsteen's song later.

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Ray Donlan: You know the difference between men and boys? Boys bet everything on everything! Boys think every hand is a royal flush! You play cards with a man, he knows his limits.

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Trivia: In the trailer, there is a scene in which a purple Geo Tracker is doing a 180 degree turn. This scene is not in the film.

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Question: Did Ray set up the killing of Joey Randone because of what he saw them do, or was it just luck on Ray's part that he was attacked and left hanging from a TV aerial to then plunge to his death, and this is why he stalled for time with the door lock?


Answer: I would think this would just have been random luck. There is no way you can just pay some random criminal to find and single out Joey and his partner to attack. With all the cops on patrol anyone of them could have responded to that call, so that was just pure luck that Joey and his partner encountered the criminal that threw him to his death on the roof.

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