Trivia: The kid in the pic with Rocky is Sage Stallone, who played a role in Rocky 5 and sadly passed away in 2012.


Trivia: The shorts with the American flag colors were wore by Apollo in Rocky 1 and by Rocky in Rocky 3 and 4.


Trivia: Crowd scenes in Goodison Park for the final fight were filmed at half time during an Everton game, which explains why quite a few people in the crowd are waving blue Everton football scarves during a boxing match.

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Trivia: The painting with Rocky and Apollo was seen in Rocky 3 and was made by Leroy Neiman, who had several cameos in the saga.


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Continuity mistake: The day after the fight in Tijuana, when Donnie's at his desk he's wearing a grey striped tie, but when Donnie walks into his boss' office he's wearing a navy tie with dots. (00:07:30)

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Dr. Kathari: Heard you fell down. Was that the first time you fallen?
Rocky Balboa: Without being punched.

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