Rocky III

Trivia: One of Clubber Lang's famous moments, when he yells at Adrian that she should be with him instead of Rocky, was ad-libbed by Mr. T. Director Sylvester Stallone liked this moment and kept it in the final cut, because it helped show how despicable Lang was, as well as driving Rocky to fight again.

Trivia: Mr. T was chosen for this role by Stallone himself - he spotted Mr. T in a "world's toughest bouncer" contest (which Mr. T won). What sold Stallone was Mr. T's snazzy dressing, no-nonsense attitude and spectacular lingo. Apparently, the line that solidified him on the idea of hiring T was Mr. T's answer to the question "how do you handle potential troublemakers?". Mr. T had his head shaved bald at the time, and his answer was "I tell dem fools that mah patience is as long as the hair on mah head." He was hired almost instantly. The role in Rocky III got him the spot in the A-Team, and the rest is history...

Trivia: When Rocky is on the exercise bike during his public training session for his first fight with Clubber Lang, a blonde groupie comes along and asks him if she could have a kiss. This groupie is Sasha Czack, who was Sylvester Stallone's first wife.

Trivia: When the statue of Rocky is being unveiled at a ceremony the camera pans along a row of drummers, the first drum is signed by Mr. T who plays Clubber Lang.

Trivia: Before Mr. T was cast, heavyweight boxer Earnie Shavers was considered for the role of Clubber Lang. This was because Sylvester Stallone thought that he was good enough to fight a real boxer instead of an actor. But during a practice fight Shavers, taking it easy on the star, broke two of Stallone's ribs in less than three rounds, and was immediately dropped from consideration.

Trivia: When Rocky takes a swig of water from the bottle during the rematch with Clubber Lang, he spits the water into the bucket and some of it goes onto Paulie's shirt. Watch for Burt Young's genuine reaction.

Trivia: After the film Hulk Hogan started to use the theme song "Eye of the Tiger" to make his entrance in the WWF where he wrestled.


Trivia: According to Chuck Wepner the boxer vs wrestler match was inspired by the match between him and Andre the giant.


Trivia: Frank Stallone was going to be a boxer against Rocky in the beginning but he only took a role as a rival of Clubber Lang.


Trivia: Even though it lasts for about five minutes on screen, the fight sequence between Rocky Balboa and Thunderlips took 10 days to film.

Trivia: Balboa and Creed keep making references to how Creed is getting up in age and how Balboa is younger and all that. In actuality, Stallone, who plays Balboa is about a year and a half older than Carl Weathers, who plays Creed.

Trivia: The theme song "Eye of the tiger" was written by Survivor specifically for the film.


Continuity mistake: In Rocky, Micky mentions to Rocky that he is 76 years old. When Micky dies in Rocky III, his tombstone says 76 years. Rocky III takes place at least 3 years after Rocky. (01:04:50)

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Clubber Lang: I'm gonna torture him. I'm gonna crucify him. Real bad.

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Question: Why is Clubber Lang allowed to box professionally, considering that his favorite KO punch seems to be right to the back of the head while the opponent is on their knees?

Answer: Clubber Lang worked his way up the professional ranks. If you notice, the challanger is still able to fight, the referee uses his own discresion to ignore the final punch as the match would have been called in Langs favour anyway

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