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Corrected entry: At the end Apollo and Rocky face each other in a one on one fight - no crowd, no cameras or press, just the two of them there. But once they put their gloves on they can't lace each other up - there has to be a third person.

Correction: They didn't have to lace them up. They just put them on, then pulled them tightly with their teeth. They weren't trying to get them laced up for a real fight.


Corrected entry: When Rocky is trying to catch up with Apollo during their jog, he has flashbacks of his first fight with Apollo and Mickey yelling at him. In the flashback, the punches he "remembers taking" from Clubber, and especially the fashion in which he was knocked down, do not match at all the happenings and his knockdown from the first match. Also, the knockdown scene Rocky envisions shows him being hit by a black glove, Clubber wore red gloves in the first fight.

Correction: All these flashes of images are happening in Rocky's mind. At this point in the film, it is clear that Rocky is in turmoil over the upcoming fight and his doubts over the validity of his championship career - turmoil that is specifically spelled out in his conversation with Adrian moments after this run. Rocky's mind is flashing images of terror and images of pain both real and imagined. The way he falls in the final flash of imagery is totally fantasized - in his daydream flash he falls like a board flat onto his face. This never happened in his fight against Clubber. It's a vivid daydream showing Rocky's doubt in himself and fear of Clubber Lang. These images are deliberately meant to show that.

Correction: During this flashback when Clubber is hitting him in the side the top of Rocky's shorts are shown and he is wearing the American Flag shorts that Apollo doesn't surprise him with until just before the fight. He had no idea he would be wearing them at this point in the movie.

Corrected entry: In the scene just before they reveal the statue of Rocky and they are in the Balboa house, Paulie says to Adrian, "Oh, Mrs. Talia, you almost look pretty good". That's actress Talia Shire's real first name.

Correction: He says "Mrs Stallion", as in Rocky's nickname 'The Italian Stallion'.

Corrected entry: In Rocky's first fight with Clubber in which he loses, pay close attention to the amount of time that goes by in Round 1, it is VERY quick. I timed it and it is only about 56 seconds long, whereas in normal boxing, rounds are 3 minutes.

Correction: It's a movie. There is nothing wrong with them condensing time for the fight. The movie also takes place over several weeks yet we see it in about 2 hours.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: Huge mistake for any Rocky fan. In the first 2 films, Mickey is represented as an Irish Catholic. In this film, he is given a Jewish funeral.

Correction: Mickey's religion is never referenced in Rocky I or II.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: During the scene when Rocky fights Thunderlips. As Thunderlips makes his entrance, Rocky says "Why are they carrying him?". But his lips don't move as he speaks.

Correction: It's Paulie that says it.

Corrected entry: After Rocky's first defeat to Clubber, you hear the ring announcer say "we have the time." and then goes directly into saying ".and the winner by knockout, etc." without any pauses, or mention of the actual time or round Rocky was knocked out.

Correction: Character mistake, and one that only a boxing expert would notice, at that.

Corrected entry: Before the fight between Rocky and "Thunderlips", Thunderlips is announced as "standing nearly seven feet" and "weighing 390 pounds". By every factual account, Hulk Hogan (who played Thunderlips) is only 6'6 and at his peak, barely weighed 300 pounds even.

Correction: True, but Sylvester Stallone is only 5' 10''. The filmmakers would have portrayed "Thunderlips" as being seven feet tall in order to make Rocky appear to be taller as well. When you hear that "Thunderlips" is 6'9'', and then see Rocky reaching to his chin, it makes you believe that Rocky is about 6 feet tall. Their weights had to be adjusted accordingly, or else it would give away the illusion. Given we don't actually see them against a measuring tape or on scales, we can't make assumptions based on the actors' own stats.


Corrected entry: To me, it is very strange that people would boo Clubber Lang like that. An African-American world-champion who knocks the crap out of the champion. When Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman, I don't think anyone booed him like Clubber Lang a cocky strong fighter. Strange indeed.

Correction: Rocky was extremely popular among fans, especially those in his home town. Clubber wasn't a cocky fighter, he was an outright a**hole. Quite the opposite of strange actually, considering that Rocky was a good role model while Clubber was not.

Corrected entry: According to the 'movie timeline', we know Mickey passes away in August 1981. Shortly after Mickey's death, when Clubber is being interviewed about his upcoming re-match with Rocky, one of the sportscasters makes mention that Rocky's attempt at a comeback at "34" are pretty long indeed. However, during the rematch fight in Rocky II with Apollo (movie timeline has that fight in November 1976), one of the commentators says Rocky is "31 years of age". That fact would put Rocky's birth year sometime in 1945. Rocky could not have been 34 right after Mickey's death in late 1981. He would have been at least 35, if not 36.

Correction: In Rocky 1, when Paulie talks about Adrian, he says "She's pushing 30". Rocky replies "I'm 30 myself". So in Rocky 1, he is 30 in 1976. In film time, Rocky III takes place 3 years later - this is referred to several times, so Rocky would be 33-34 throughout the duration of Rocky III.


Corrected entry: When Rocky is going to fight Clubber for the first time and both fighters are preparing to go into the arena, an argument breaks out on the stairwell. Clubber needs to be restrained and is yelling at Rocky. At one point, instead of calling him "Balboa" he calls him "Stallone" (the actor who played him Slyvester Stallone).

Correction: Clubber says, "Hey, Stallion!", meaning 'Italian Stallion' which is Rocky's nickname in the movie, not "Hey, Stallone."

Other mistake: At the beginning of the scene when Rocky's statue is unveiled and Clubber Lang challenges Rocky to a fight, the camera zooms out of one of the drums that is being played and it is easy to spot that Mr. T's signature is scrawled right across the centre of the drum.

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Apollo Creed: See that look in their eyes, Rock? You gotta get that look back, Rock. Eye of the tiger, man.

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Trivia: When Rocky takes a swig of water from the bottle during the rematch with Clubber Lang, he spits the water into the bucket and some of it goes onto Paulie's shirt. Watch for Burt Young's genuine reaction.

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Question: Would Clubber Lang have been charged in Mickey's death since it was his shoving Mickey that caused his heart attack and eventual death?

Answer: Unlikely. Lang shoved him in the heat of the moment, and there's no indication he meant to kill or injure him.

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