Rocky III

Continuity mistake: In Rocky, Micky mentions to Rocky that he is 76 years old. When Micky dies in Rocky III, his tombstone says 76 years. Rocky III takes place at least 3 years after Rocky. (01:04:50)


Continuity mistake: In the second fight with Clubber Lang, just after Apollo Creed and crew scuffle with Clubber's corner, and just after Rocky and Apollo say, "I thought you said to be cool." "That *was* cool!", Rocky takes off his robe. As he takes it off, notice his towel is around his neck, covering his chest. It then pans wide to get an overhead view of the ring - Rocky's towel is missing. The very next shot shows Rocky continuing to take his robe off and magically, the towel re-appears. (01:19:40)


Continuity mistake: When Rocky is knocked out during the first fight with Clubber, he falls to the canvas in slow motion. From one angle he has both arms hanging down and his face is about to hit the canvas, but from another angle his arms are bent, so that he won't hit his head as much when he hits the canvas.


Continuity mistake: Rocky (1976) and Rocky II (1979) are both set in 1976, and Mickey's death in this film takes place in August 1981. However, the newspaper depicting the wrestling match with Rocky and Thunderlips (when Mickey was still alive and in Rocky's corner) gives a date of 1982.


Continuity mistake: During the wrestling match, Thunderlips knocks Pauly out cold. Two shots later, Pauly is standing outside the ring next to the ring girls.

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film when the audience sees some previews of Clubber's continuous victories, look close at some of the shots when you see Clubber swinging, then that punch landing on the other boxers' faces. In at least one instance, Clubber swings with a red glove, but the connecting punch shows a black glove.

Continuity mistake: When Rocky and Apollo are racing on the beach for the first time, Rocky's hair is dry and blowing. When they show the close-up on him when he's remembering, his hair is very wet and quite a bit shorter and styled a little differently. When they show him far away again, his hair is dry and blowing again.

Continuity mistake: In Rocky's first title defense, he begins the fight with red gloves. Later in the fight they are black, and at the end they are back to red.

Continuity mistake: In Rocky's last sparring match before his first fight with Clubber, there are some musicians playing who Mick tells to shut up. The two that you can see behind Mick don't have instruments in the first shot, they do in the next two shots, then not only do they not have insturments again, the two guys have swapped spots.

Continuity mistake: When Rocky is choking Thunderlips he does with his left arm, then after an angle change it's his right.


Continuity mistake: After the first match with Clubber, Mickey gets sick and Adrien makes a pillow with her coat for him. Just before he lies down his hat disappears.


Continuity mistake: In Rocky, Micky mentions to Rocky that he is 76 years old. When Micky dies in Rocky III, his tombstone says 76 years. Rocky III takes place at least 3 years after Rocky. (01:04:50)

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Clubber Lang: I'm going to bust you up.
Rocky Balboa: Go for it.

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Trivia: When Rocky is on the exercise bike during his public training session for his first fight with Clubber Lang, a blonde groupie comes along and asks him if she could have a kiss. This groupie is Sasha Czack, who was Sylvester Stallone's first wife.

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Question: Why is Clubber Lang allowed to box professionally, considering that his favorite KO punch seems to be right to the back of the head while the opponent is on their knees?

Answer: Clubber Lang worked his way up the professional ranks. If you notice, the challanger is still able to fight, the referee uses his own discresion to ignore the final punch as the match would have been called in Langs favour anyway

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