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Over The Top (1987)

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, right before the semi-finals, they say that only eight men are left. When they introduce the men, they only call out six names.

Continuity mistake: When Michael leaves the Cutlers' mansion he takes a white truck. When he is outside the gates right before he runs a red light you can see the headrests behind him. But when he is on the expressway they've disappeared. Then when he gets to the airport they reappear.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie Sylvester Stallone is driving his truck into the driveway of his son's school, you do not see the eagle hood ornament on his truck at this time. But as he parks the truck in front of the school you now see the eagle on the top of the hood.

Continuity mistake: The shot of the truck from atop a hill, right after the boy and Stallone fight over the radio being on or off, shows the truck moving on the wrong side of the highway (against traffic). The two cars behind the truck are in the correct lane.

Revealing mistake: There are no keys in the ignition when Mike is driving the white truck.

Character mistake: During the movie, Stallone Lincoln Hawk is referred several times as 'Hawks' by other characters (the police officer retrieving him from his cell, as well as his former father-in-law, who should know his real name). Lincoln actually calls himself Hawkes before he crashes the gate.

Other mistake: Just before the first arm wrestling match against "Smasher, " Bull Hurley is seen in the doorway looking at Lincoln accept a match. A few seconds later Bull seems to appear into the doorway like he is showing himself for the first time.

Lincoln Hawk: He's staying with me! You tell him that! You tell him.

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Trivia: To make the movie seem as authentic as possible, Stallone told the guy playing Bull not to take it easy on him when it was time for them to shoot the final scene of their match together. The guy laughed about the idea but still agreed to do so even though he warned Stallone that he may hurt him. Stallone, made him eat those words when he beat him for real. Everything in that scene is authentic except for close-up shots of their face that were done later due to injuries that both men suffered while the scene was being filmed. Stallone suffered a strained forearm while Bull Hurley's character suffered a dislocated shoulder. The cry from him that you can hear when Stallone is pulling his arm down at the end is the real thing. That's when it happened.

Rollin Garcia Jr

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Question: Why did Bull only lose once at the end? Wasn't it double elimination?

Answer: The announcer basically says during the final match that the winner here will win the tournament. Meaning it was double elimination up to the final match (or even the final four). I can't think of an example of a real life double elimination tournament with that structure. It feels made up for the movie to let Hawk lose once, but not have to do a 2nd finals match.


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