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Corrected entry: During the Las Vegas arm wrestling tournament, Lincoln Hawk loses one match, but is still alive since it is in a double elmination tournament. This point is repeated over the PA. Hawk goes on to beat undfeated champion Bob Bull Hurley in the finals. But shouldn't Hawk have to beat Hurley twice, since it is a double elimination tourney?

Correction: In a normal tournament, Bull Hurley would have been disqualified for punching Hawks in the nose. Even though this was never announced in the movie, this would explain why Bull only loss the last match. He was beat twice. The first time was when he hit Hawks, the 2nd time was when his arm was brought down.


Continuity mistake: When Michael leaves the Cutlers' mansion he takes a white truck. When he is outside the gates right before he runs a red light you can see the headrests behind him. But when he is on the expressway they've disappeared. Then when he gets to the airport they reappear.

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Bob 'Bull' Hurley: I drive truck, break arms, and arm wrestle. It's what I love to do, it's what I do best. Being number one is everything. There is no second place. Second sucks.

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Trivia: The punch that Bull Hurley gave Hawk during the final match that made his nose bleed was real. Stallone told the guy to do it since he was the director but didn't give him a "cue point" in which to do it. Meaning Stallone never knew when it was going to happen so that his reaction would be authentic to the hit. Stallone stated that he took more punishment in trying to be authentic in this movie by taking actual hits such as this one and arm-wrestling professionals that were hired for the film, than he did in any of the Rocky movies.

Rollin Garcia Jr
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Question: Regarding that move Hawks does where he lifts his fingers and adjusts then in a different position in order to get the advantage and win, a) what is the significance of doing this (what exactly is he doing) and b) is this even legal in a real arm wrestling tournament?

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