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Rocky loses the exhibition boxing match in a split decision (95/94, 94/95, 95/94) to Mason “the Line” Dixon, but it does not matter. He went the distance.


Other mistake: Jim Lampley reacts to a knockdown by saying "That could be the end of the fight right there," then quickly adds "but no!" when he sees that Rocky is getting up. The problem is, we hear the "but no!" just before we see any sign that Rocky is going to get up.

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Marie: Do you have a reservation?
Paulie: Do I look like a freakin' Indian?

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Trivia: Andy (Don Sherman), the bartender from "Rocky", "Rocky III" and "Rocky IV", can briefly be seen in this film sitting in a wheelchair in the background of his bar cheering on Rocky during the fight.

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Question: Wasn't Rocky supposed to have a brain injury from Rocky V, that prevents him from fighting?


Answer: This is true, however it was something invented for Rocky V that was supposed to be from Rocky IV that was only introduced into V after. V is considered to be the worst film of the series with very poor reception. Stallone himself has even gone on record saying that he hates V. So this sixth film almost pretends that film never happened. V is still technically canon with this film, however six basically ignores a lot of problem with that film and tries to recton it. Does this create inconsistencies and continuity issues with the series? yes. Is the film better for it? Definitely. So where as that was supposed to be the case after V, they pretty much said with this film that no... we are not doing that any more pretend V didn't happen... but it did happen. It's a soft reboot in a way.

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