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Corrected entry: Very early in the movie when Rocky is at the Italian Market in Philadelphia, he enters "Claudio's" cheese store. He walks directly in and to the left at the counter facing Sal, the owner. Nobody ever goes directly to the left to the counter, you ALWAYS walk to the right around the shelves to the front of the store then to the counter. Counter traffic is strictly enforced at Claudio's.


Correction: Perhaps for the general public. But Balboa is a world wide known star, and even more so a celebrity in Philadelphia. It is in no way a stretch to assume he is close personal friends of the owners of all the markets that he gets his restaraunt supplies from, and thus, can bend the rules a little more then the average joe.

Corrected entry: In the final scene where Michael Buffer is announcing the winner, you aren't supposed to announce someone won by split decision before you announce the judge's scores.

Correction: This is not true. Very often announcers will tell the audience that a split decision has occurred, and then proceed to reading out the scorecards. It's all down to their personal preference as to how they wish to read out the scores.

Corrected entry: In the first round of the boxing match it is obvious that Tarver does not hit Stallone, but only gets close and then a sound effect signifies the punch. The sound is the same every time, and Stallone doesn't move like he would have if he'd been hit. Later in the fight the punches look more realistic.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Most if not all of the punches thrown are real. Sly stated this in the commentary and also you see it in the "making of" video. He wanted to make it as real as possible.

Corrected entry: In the montage of Rocky walking through and purchasing food items in the Italian Market, Rocky is seen in one shot talking to a woman at a produce stand (right after the shot of Rocky purchasing a fish). In the background of this shot is a man with a yellow apron holding up a camera to his face presumably to take a picture of actor Sylvester Stallone. (00:08:50)

Correction: Or he might want a picture of the world-famous ex-heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa. People still come up to him and ask to be photographed with him, it's not out of place that some try to snap a picture covertly.


Corrected entry: It was announced at the end that Mason Dixon was still the heavyweight champion of the world. But this was an exhibition bout, so even if Rocky had won, Dixon would still be the champion. So there was no need to announce it.

Jason Feng

Correction: Yes there was. Mason IS the champion and HAS just won the fight. The fact that the title was not on the line doesn't matter, the announcer is just doing his job, announcing the proper title of the winner of the fight.


Corrected entry: After his dramatic speech, Rocky is granted a boxing licence from the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commision. Unfortunately, the fight takes place in Nevada.

Correction: Rocky was looking for a license to fight in small local contests, he isn't thinking about fighting the Dixon at that stage. Also, he could quite easily got a license to fight in Nevada after agreeing to the fight but the scene of him getting one wasn't thought important enough to be shown, and just taken as a given.

Corrected entry: The date of death on Adrian Balboa's tombstone changes. At the beginning of the movie,the year of death is 2003. Later, you can see that it is now 2002.

Correction: The tombstone is the same throughout the whole movie. Besides, why would some one change the date of death on a tombstone?

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