The Suicide Squad

Trivia: This is the only James Gunn-directed film that does not feature a voice cameo from Rob Zombie.

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Trivia: At one point, Amanda Waller says that she is supposed to play golf with Senator Cray. Cray is a notable character in the comics and after he dies, his son, The Atom, joins the Suicide Squad.

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Trivia: A lot of people involved in James Gunn's "Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2" also appeared in, or worked on, Gunn's "The Suicide Squad." For example; Michael Rooker, Sylvester Stallone, Sean Gunn, Steve Agee, Stephen Blackehart, Pom Klementieff, and Terence Rosemore appeared in both films. And one of the rats that played Sebastian is named Crisp Ratt. Henry Braham and Fred Raskin did the cinematography and film editing for both films. Just to name a few.


Trivia: Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis in the MCU films, has a cameo as one of the patrons inside the club on Corto Maltese.

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Trivia: Weasel is played by Sean Gunn, brother of director James Gunn.


Trivia: Warner Brothers offered James Gunn the opportunity to direct a sequel to Man of Steel, but he chose to do this film instead.

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Trivia: There is an extra scene that shows Weasel is alive.


Other mistake: Despite being a deadly marksman (only a few minutes earlier in the movie he stopped a bullet directed at him shooting it off the air), Bloodsport snipes several times at the huge kaiju featuring a massive eye in the central part of its body, and never once hits it. (01:51:45)

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Harley Quinn: I love the rain, it's like angels are splooging all over us.

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Question: In the opening scene, after the bird is hit; did anyone else think the blood on the ball makes a crude Bat signal?


Answer: Yes, it did.

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