Creed II

Trivia: The plot is similar to Rocky 4, with the first match in USA, then in Russia.


Trivia: The pic of Adrian and the baby on Rocky's fridge is from Rocky 2.


Trivia: Andonis Creed proposes to his girlfriend to his girlfriend in the "Creed" sequel just after he won the heavyweight title, like Rocky Balboa did in Rocky II, after he beat Apollo Creed for the heavyweight title. (00:11:00)


Plot hole: If the big tattooed fighter who is training inside the wheel with Adonis in the ring from the desert was better than Adonis, than why was he living and training in the desert every day and not in the city with the other champions? It really has no logic.

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Adonis Johnson: I wanna rewrite history.
Mary Anne Creed: Don't pretend this is about your father.

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