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Continuity mistake: Stallone is eating a banana when he is on the computer in the Mariott. He takes a bite and the banana is smaller, then in the next shot it is bigger again.

Continuity mistake: When they're in the car, after collecting the money, Julianne Moore holds up the disk, and we can see she's holding the metal flap open, so we can see the actual disk. Then the camera cuts to the other side, and the cover's closed. Cuts back to the original shot, and the cover's now closed on that side too.

Audio problem: In the beginning of the film, Sly is on the computer telling his employers that the mark has been retired. If you listen to the keyboard strokes compared to what's typed on the screen, you'll notice that no sound is made for the space bar or the enter button.

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Plot hole: For the transaction with the buyers, Moore sets up two hotel rooms: one where she will be based and the other for the buyers. She also goes about setting it up so that her toy truck can be navigated through the ventilation system, with a camera and having a private speaker system between them. Now when Banderas finds the room with the buyers he is unaware of where she is but knows she's close and checks the hotel's billing system on the television. On the TV the room number she registered with is shown. She went to all this effort to protect herself and yet registered the other room in her name and linked it with her room? Its not like she would have missed something so important because she would have needed to sign in when checking into the hotel. It seems to only serve the plot as Banderas relied on this information to find her and make his move to try and eliminate her.


Continuity mistake: Near the end, when the Russian assassin (which "Robert" thought he killed years earlier) comes into the room, he sets the case down, takes off his sunglasses with his left hand and kicks "Miguel" to see if he's dead. Just before the kick, the camera changes angle and we see the sunglasses on the case instead of in the Russian's hand.

Factual error: When Banderas is in the hotel room with the four dead guys, he realizes that Stallone is in the other room. When Banderas looks at the hotel TV screen, it displays the in-room guest service welcome page: "Welcome to Marriot's In-Room Guest Services". The hotel name is misspelled, while the spelling in the logo above it is correct.

Continuity mistake: While Miguel is typing "fuck you" to his employer in the bathtub his face is wet and has some drops on it but before he submerges in the water his face is drier.


Factual error: The file sizes shown copied to the disk add up to over 700mb - more than would fit onto a CD, let alone a 1.44mb floppy disk. It's been claimed the disk is a SuperDisk or a Zip disk, but SuperDisk wasn't available until after this film was made, and Zip disks look noticeably different. Regardless, neither of those formats could hold anything like 700mb either.

Continuity mistake: When Antonio Banderas is waiting for Sly to come out of the bank, he takes a bullet off the holder on his forearm. Later, when he gets tired of waiting and gets up, the holder is full of bullets.

Other mistake: When we see Electra for the first time she is in her kitchen drinking some coffee and drying her hair. Though it sounds like the hair-dryer is working on maximum power and it is only two inches from her head, her hair is not moving at all.

Continuity mistake: After Banderas loses his rifle in the taxi, Stallone stops the car and then sees the cops. As he is reversing the car, it shows the front end of the car and both of them looking behind. You can see, however, two problems. Firstly the large cracks and bullet mark on the barrier window in the cab are completely gone and there seems to be large damage and cracking to the back window. When the shot changes to Banderas looking out the back, there are just a few drops of rain on the back window, and it's easy to see through. You can also see the cracks and bullet mark on the barrier window return.


Revealing mistake: When Bain is in the bath and communicating with his employer, you can see he is just punching random keys on the keyboard that do not match up with what he is supposedly writing. First, he writes "Nothing. I retired the buyers", but he never touches the "n" or "e" keys. A little later, he types "And", but his hand never comes near the "a" key. (01:07:10)


Continuity mistake: In the bank, Rath offers all his money to Bain to walk away. As he is saying, "But you won't do that way", he is gesturing with his left hand in the air. As Bain says "No", Rath's hand is still in the same position. Cut to a close-up of Rath, and he is suddenly holding his hands together, and folded in front of him. New angle change, and Rath's left hand is back to the first position, with his right hand resting on his chair. There was no time for him to move his hands between shots. (01:50:00)


Continuity mistake: When Rath and Bain are talking in the bank, Rath asks about Bain's sunglasses. In the close-up of Rath, he is holding his hands together in front of his face, right above left, with his right index and middle fingers on top of his left hand. Cut to a shot from behind him, and now his hands are suddenly folded, with fingers interlocking.


Continuity mistake: When Rath and Elektra are in the car talking about the new price they'll put on the disc, just as Elektra says, "Sounds like a mid-life crisis to me", Rath's left arm comes into the foreground, being briefly rested on her seat before sliding off and down. Cut to a close-up of Rath's face, and he is suddenly touching his face with his left hand, with no time to move his hand between shots. (01:19:40)


Continuity mistake: When Stallone looks out the window in his room, there is rain, and we do not see the horizontal frame. One second later when we see him inside the flat, Stallone's head is just above the frame.

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Continuity mistake: Miguel Bain escapes from a police car by snapping the neck of the cop who was driving. The wide shot shows however that the cop is still very much alive and driving. (00:15:32)

Electra: Listen, I'm in way over my head here mister. I just want out.

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