Other mistake: When we see Electra for the first time she is in her kitchen drinking some coffee and drying her hair. Though it sounds like the hair-dryer is working on maximum power and it is only two inches from her head, her hair is not moving at all.

Other mistake: Robert opens an old chess game on his laptop, to play the move Miguel hinted; "Bishop takes Rook Pawn." That move is generally part of a Poison Pawn attack. Where the Bishop is protected by its Queen, and captures the Rook Pawn, placing the King in check. In the film the setup on the board is wrong. There's nothing protecting the Bishop once it captures the Pawn, so the King will simply capture the Bishop. Losing a Bishop to gain a Pawn is a terrible sacrifice. The move makes no sense, considering they were supposed to be superior chess players. (00:31:06)

Continuity mistake: Stallone is eating a banana when he is on the computer in the Mariott. He takes a bite and the banana is smaller, then in the next shot it is bigger again.

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Miguel Bain: I beat you to the buyers, and now I've beat you to the mark. I'm sorry, but I think I picked the wrong guy to be my hero.

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