Factual error: When Banderas is in the hotel room with the four dead guys, he realizes that Stallone is in the other room. When Banderas looks at the hotel TV screen, it displays the in-room guest service welcome page: "Welcome to Marriot's In-Room Guest Services". The hotel name is misspelled, while the spelling in the logo above it is correct.

Factual error: The file sizes shown copied to the disk add up to over 700mb - more than would fit onto a CD, let alone a 1.44mb floppy disk. It's been claimed the disk is a SuperDisk or a Zip disk, but SuperDisk wasn't available until after this film was made, and Zip disks look noticeably different. Regardless, neither of those formats could hold anything like 700mb either.

Continuity mistake: When they're in the car, after collecting the money, Julianne Moore holds up the disk, and we can see she's holding the metal flap open, so we can see the actual disk. Then the camera cuts to the other side, and the cover's closed. Cuts back to the original shot, and the cover's now closed on that side too.

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