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Corrected entry: Miguel figures out where Electra lives just because he saw a photo with the cat and the antennas in the background, and when he gets to the building he knows which is the right apartment by feeling the warm engine of one car. Just because the car recently arrived doesn't make it the right one.

Correction: That's not how he figured out where she lived. In fact, it led him to the WRONG apartment, which was the apartment directly below Electra's. He found Electra's apartment by tracing the cable for the surveillance camera she had installed to spy on her downstairs neighbors.

Corrected entry: In the chase scene with Sly driving a cab and Antonio Banderas in the back, just as Antonio drops his gun when they crash into a bus, look at the advert on the side of the bus - anti NRA. Subtle? Perhaps not.

Correction: There is no mistake in that. It would maybe qualify as trivia but not even compelling enough to meet that criteria.

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Corrected entry: Near the end, when Antonio Banderas is waiting for hours for Sly to come out of the building, he is sweating like anything, yet when he runs out of the building and into the bank, he looks as fresh as a daisy.

Correction: Unless you can give a specific change, there does not appear to be any difference. When he walks into the bank he looks extremely hot and sweating profusely.

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Corrected entry: When Sly is driving Banderas in the cab, Banderas knocks on the window partition and comments how it's bulletproof. Yet when Banderas says something to get Sly angry, Sly hits that "bulletproof" window with an open hand and cracks it. How can an open hand hit crack a bulletproof glass?

Correction: Bullet proof glass is a mizture of both glass and plastics layered throughout. When Rath palms the 'glass' the force of this blast appears to give a shattered effect. This is merely the outer layer of plastics that shatters. The glass underneath remains in tact and is not damaged. It is possible to get the same effect using real bullet proof glass. (Info from Wikipedia).


Corrected entry: In the stolen taxi cab scene near the beginning, Miguel fires his rifle at the bullet proof glass. What happens to the bullet? it doesn't go through, or Sly's character would be dead, it doesn't ricochet and hit the rear seat/window/Miguel, and it doesn't lodge in the window.

Correction: Since the glass broke but did not shatter, it softened the impact of the bullet, so it could have fallen to the floor.

Correction: No, they aren't. They are speaking Dutch. The two langauages are very similar and can easily be mistaken, but they are definitely speaking Dutch.

Continuity mistake: When they're in the car, after collecting the money, Julianne Moore holds up the disk, and we can see she's holding the metal flap open, so we can see the actual disk. Then the camera cuts to the other side, and the cover's closed. Cuts back to the original shot, and the cover's now closed on that side too.

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Miguel Bain: I beat you to the buyers, and now I've beat you to the mark. I'm sorry, but I think I picked the wrong guy to be my hero.

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