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North: He's up to something very bad. I feel it. In my belly.
Bunny: Hang on. Hang on. You mean to summon me here three days before Easter because of your belly?! If I did this three days before Christmas...
North: But Easter is not Christmas.
Bunny: Here we go. North, I don't have time for this. I still have 2,000,000 eggs to finish.
North: No matter how much you paint, it still egg.

North: A child who believes. And good or bad. Naughty or nice. We protect them.

North: The yetis treat you well?
Jack Frost: Oh, yeah. I love being shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal.
North: Oh, good. That was my idea.

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The Shadow: The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.

The Shadow: I'll be there... around every corner... in every empty room... as inevitable as your guilty conscience.

Shiwan Khan: In three days, the entire world will hear my roar, and willingly fall subject to the lost empire of Shan Kahn. That is a lovely tie, by the way. May I ask where you acquire it?
Lamont Cranston: Brooks Brothers.
Shiwan Khan: Is that mid-town?
Lamont Cranston: 45th and Madison. You are a barbarian.
Shiwan Khan: Thank you. We both are.

Lamont Cranston: You are a barbarian.
Shiwan Khan: Thank you.

Lamont Cranston: Am I in hell?
Tulku: Not yet.

Dr. Roy Tam: I guess you would call it an implosive-explosive sub-molecular device.
Lamont Cranston: Or an Atomic Bomb.
Dr. Roy Tam: Hey, that's catchy.

Lamont Cranston: I'll see you later.
Margo Lane: Hey, how'll you know where I am?
Lamont Cranston: I'll know.

Margo Lane: We need each other.
Lamont Cranston: No we don't.
Margo Lane: We have a connection.
Lamont Cranston: No we don't.
Margo Lane: Then how can you explain that I can read your thoughts?
Lamont Cranston: My thoughts are hard to miss.
Margo Lane: And why is that?
Lamont Cranston: Psychically, I'm very well endowed.
Margo Lane: I'll bet you are.

Margo Lane: Oh, God I dreamed.
Lamont Cranston: So did I. What did you dream?
Margo Lane: I was lying naked on a beach in the South Seas. The tide was coming up to my toes. The sun was beating down. My skin hot and cool at the same time. It was wonderful. What was yours?
Lamont Cranston: I dreamed I tore all the skin off my face and was somebody else underneath.
Margo Lane: You have problems.
Lamont Cranston: I'm aware of that.

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Davis McDonald: Yeah, you'll be happy. You just won't know it.

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