The Shadow

Continuity mistake: In the water tank sequence Cranston dives to the bullet holes to get air. When he dives down there is a camera shot looking up at him from the bottom of the tank showing that there is plenty of air left at the top, no doubt left there so that the actor would not drown. And; for the sealed tank to fill completely there must have been a way for air to escape rapidly from the top. When the tank was full water kept pouring in and would have escaped the same way. When Margo arrives there is no water coming off the top of the tank.

Continuity mistake: When Claymore shoots the invisible Cranston (The Shadow) in the water tank, a small volume of blood immediately starts dripping into the water. When Cranston materializes seconds later there is no blood whatsoever on him and no blood comes off him or his clothing when he dives into the water.

Continuity mistake: As the atomic bomb is being deactivated, the floor is stationary. When the bomb casing drops to the floor, the floor is rotating, and sends the bomb down the hallway. (01:35:30 - 01:36:00)


Continuity mistake: In the scene on the bridge near the beginning, when we first see The Shadow, he's only wearing a coat, not his cape. The shot switches, and when we again see The Shadow, he now has a cape. The cape must have been a CGI effect, because trailers and commercials show the same shot WITH the cape.

Continuity mistake: During the bomb deactivation, the countdown clock is not in sync with the editing. Bomb clock is at 1:02:54 and counts down to 1:02:50, but at next shot ten seconds later the timer is at 1:03:00, a relapse of ten seconds. (01:35:20)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Reinhart Lane finally defuses the bomb, he clips the red wire and Margo yells out "Green." and his hand holding the clippers are just above the red wire. In the next shot, his hand is nowhere near the wire and it changes back and forth during the rest of the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Claymore is shooting at Cranston, he misses three times, creating three bullet holes in the tank on the side opposite the door. When the tank fills Cranston swims over to them to get air, then swims across the tank to the door. When Margo Lane arrives and walks up to the tank the bullet holes have moved across the tank and are now next to the door. When Margo opens the door and the water rushes out of the tank the bullet holes next to the door have disappeared.

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the film when the police are investigating Shiwan Kahn's now empty coffin watch the policeman that delivers the message to the vacuum tube system. His ring starts on his right hand then switches to his left and so on. It's really funny. (00:34:03)

Continuity mistake: In Khan's lair, when the Shadow is struggling to stop the Phurba from attacking him, the Shadow is dragged across the floor by the Phurba while holding it in his right hand. In the next shot, he is now seen holding the Phurba with both hands.

Other mistake: When Lamont walks into the alley to avoid being followed by one of Khan's warriors, he makes himself invisible, and his shadow vanishes as well. It's well noted at the beginning of the film that his shadow is always visible even if he isn't. Therefore, his shadow should still be seen on the ground and give him away.

Factual error: While hanging from the top of the Empire State Building, the sailor looks straight down the side of the building, which is shown to be flat. This is wrong. From the observation deck, there is another level that sticks out below, where the lights that shine upwards are stored.

Continuity mistake: The second time in the Cobalt Club, Margo comes over to the table and sits down. As they talk, Wainwright puts down the Martini, and has his hand on the glass. Then in closeup, his hand is up with a fork. Cut to a shot of Margo, he's sipping the martini. He calls for the waiter, he's putting down the empty glass. Cut back to her, he's putting down the glass again.

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Revealing mistake: The first time at the Cobalt Club, Wainwright gets a report of the Shadow, and plans a task force. Lamont's face goes dark, and he makes Wainwright forget about the Shadow. After the matter is forgotten, Lamont's face lightens, and you hear the chair he's in creak, giving away that he leaned back out of the light to make the illusion.

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Factual error: In the water tank sequence, Lamont takes a breath through one of the bullet holes. At more than five feet below the surface of water, the human diaphragm cannot push against the water pressure surrounding the chest, making it impossible to take a breath normally. Lamont should not have been able to draw breath at that depth.

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Factual error: The guns Lamont Cranston uses in his "The Shadow" persona are Lar Grizzly MK1 Longslide. The movie is set in the 1930s and the pistols weren't developed before the early 80s.


Continuity mistake: When the the old Asian guy is about to draw a picture of an atomic bomb on his blackboard, he clears a small section at the top of the board, and you can see some diagrams uncleared in the centre of the board. Yet when the camera shows his picture, the diagrams in the centre have now magically disappeared.


Visible crew/equipment: When Khan sees the bomb for the first time (after roughing up Farley Claymore), he goes into the usual bad guy speech, and in the reflection of the bomb counter glass, you can see a boom mic moving.


The Shadow: The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.

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