The Shadow

Corrected entry: In the scene where Reinhardt Lane is trying to defuse the bomb hanging from the ceiling he cuts a wire leaving a short piece of bare metal at each end, in the shot where he reconnects them the bare parts have grown considerably. (01:35:50)

Correction: After cutting the yellow wire, her father twists together the bare ends of two white wires, leaving the yellow wire cut in two.


Corrected entry: When Lamont and Margo go to the corner of Second Ave. and Houston St., Lamont looks up and sees the Hotel Monolith begin to materialize. The top left corner of the hotel can be seen before the entire hotel itself appears to Lamont. This section of the building should not have appeared until the materialization reached the very top.

Correction: The hotel is gradually revealed to him. Some parts are visible before others. There is no way to say which parts "should" become visible first.

Corrected entry: When Khan and Lamont are talking to each other in the restaurant in China town, Khan gets angry and slams the phurba down on the table between Lamont's fingers. Lamont then says, "Oh that knife," as if now realising what's being talked about. Khan never mentioned anything about a knife to Lamont so how could Lamont have known that Khan had a knife with him or for that matter was even talking about one?

Correction: Alec Baldwin was expressing his recognition of the knife that caused him so much trouble in the past.

Corrected entry: The film is set in the 1930's, but one of the guards outside Reinhardt Lane's lab refers to ordering a pizza. Pizzas were not generally available in the US until after World War II.

Correction: The first pizzeria opened in America in 1905, at 53 1/2 Spring Street in New York City, where the movie is set.


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