Lymelife (2008)


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Brenda Bartlett: I don't love you anymore... I hate the way you smell... the way you brush your teeth... the way you eat your fucking food... that shit eating grin on your face all the time, ugh, it makes me sick... and I won't spend another night in bed with you... you make me sick to my stomach.

Charlie Bragg: You're turning down a piece of ass?

Scott Bartlett: You know, they say no matter where you are on Long Island, you can always hear the train. Can't get far enough away.
Adrianna Bragg: What are you, Walt Whitman now?

Mickey Bartlett: So you're telling me you weren't happy on your wedding day either?
Brenda Bartlett: Telling me you felt trapped minutes before the ceremony didn't exactly bring a fucking smile to my face.
Mickey Bartlett: I was talking about the tux.
Brenda Bartlett: Oh, so this is all just some big misunderstanding then?

Scott Bartlett: What did you hear?
Adrianna Bragg: I heard you fingered me and it was like the inside of a jelly donut. Uch, Scott, that is so disgusting.

Scott Bartlett: Maybe you should've had a girl, they tell their mothers everything.
Brenda Bartlett: Maybe you should have asked God for a mother who doesn't care about her children.

Continuity mistake: Jim, driving Scott home, is smoking a cigarette that disappears before he slaps Scott the second time. There is no smoke in the vehicle that would suggest Jim temporarily placed the cigarette in the ashtray. (00:15:09)


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