Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine (2013)

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Visible crew/equipment: When they are filming near the area of 305 South Van Ness and near by Mission Street, you can see in the background two SFPD officers directing traffic away from the set.

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Other mistake: Blue Jasmine opening credits read "in alphabetical order" but actually they are not in alphabetical order.

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Revealing mistake: When Ginger and Augie get into the limo nearish the start, it's obvious the street has been closed for the filming of the limo driving down the street because the limo driver goes across a red light. You can't see the red light directly, but you can see the green light on the opposing street.

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Ian Antcliff 1323

Visible crew/equipment: Boom mics, crew members, equipment and lighting screens are reflected constantly on the actors' sunglasses throughout the movie (during the fresh clam terrace scene, when Augie and Ginger tell Jasmine and Hal about the lottery, when Augie and Ginger have a picture taken next to a yellow boat... etc.).

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Sacha Premium member

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