Rise of the Guardians

Factual error: When the Guardians start collecting the teeth, the skylines indicate that their first destination is Shanghai, but the billboard that the Tooth Fairy flies into is in a heavily Japanese visual style, from font weight to outlines and pastel colors. (00:37:05)


Factual error: In the beginning where Tooth is sending her fairies to various regions, she sends a few to Moscow, stating that there are "22 incisors and 18 premolars" that need collecting. Premolars are not baby teeth; they are permanent adult teeth. (00:06:10)

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, before the Guardians leave, Jamie rushes over to hug Jack. In the first shot, the top of his head nearly reaches Jack's ribcage. However, in the following close-up shot, Jamie is almost at the same height as Jack's shoulders. (01:27:30)

Continuity mistake: North takes Jack for a tour of his toy factory. He tells one of the yetis to make the robot he's doing red, to which the furry beast wookie-groans frustrated, as there's already a pile of them he needs to scrap. Said pile next to him in the first shot looks full, but when it cuts to a wide shot you can see that the top rows are missing the leftmost robot (or rather, the rows start suddenly for no reason from a spot more to the right). At the very beginning of the tour, in fact, you could see the robot-making yeti in the background, and the pile was half the size we see in the dedicated sequence. (00:23:00)

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Revealing mistake: During Jack's memories, when he is holding the antlers up to his head, Jack's sister's boot can be seen coming through the fabric of her dress.

North: He's up to something very bad. I feel it. In my belly.
Bunny: Hang on. Hang on. You mean to summon me here three days before Easter because of your belly?! If I did this three days before Christmas...
North: But Easter is not Christmas.
Bunny: Here we go. North, I don't have time for this. I still have 2,000,000 eggs to finish.
North: No matter how much you paint, it still egg.

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Question: Since North is guardian of wonder, Tooth the guardian of memories, Bunnymund the guardian of hope, and Sandy the guardian of dreams, what does Jack become the guardian of?

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Answer: Jack is the guardian of fun. It's stated in the film.

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