Mini's First Time

Mini's First Time (2006)

Ending / spoiler

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Beliving that Mike was behind blackmailing him and Mini with the pictures of them together, Martin beats Mike into a coma. Mini calls the police, Martin is arrested, convicted, and sent to prison. Mini pays Martin a visit and tells him that her high school class voted her valedictorian, even though she was a C-student. But when the discussion turned to Mike's coma, Mini reveals that it wasn't Mike, but the pool-boy from their vacation, that sent the photos. Martin's arrest also puts an end to any other inquiries about her mother's death, though Det. Garson knew Mini was behind it. The photos were her idea, because she believed Martin would have done the same and double-cross her, eventually. Martin tries to get a prison guard to hear her admission, but when he grabs him, Martin is beaten down by other guards. Mini takes off in her BMW and gets away with murder.

Brandon H.

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