30 Rock

College - S5-E8

Trivia: Jack (Alec Baldwin) is talking to Liz about how they sold his voice while he was in college. And he mentions that they used it for a Wu-Tang Clan video and Thomas the Tank Engine. Alec Baldwin played the narrator in the Thomas the Tank Engine feature film.


A Goon's Deed in a Weary World - S7-E11

Trivia: Kenneth and Jack compare giving a tour of the station to Willy Wonka. Later as Kenneth and track are actually giving the tour we see the guests, which all match characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. One is overweight and has a German accent like Augustus Gloop, one woman is wearing a red dress reminiscent of Veruca Salt, one is wearing a bolo tie like Mike TeeVee, one is very similar to Violet Beauregard. And finally one is seemingly pure of heart and clean cut like Charlie Bucket.

St. Valentine's Day - S3-E11

Trivia: When Jack is in the church confessional, he tells the priest that one of his sins was "I once said I was God in a deposition." This is a reference to Alec Baldwin's character in "Malice", where he did state he was a God during a deposition.


The Beginning of the End - S7-E1

Trivia: Jack mentions that Jonathan was able to come back to 30 Rock because "the grass was not greener on the other side." This was a subtle shot at the show Weeds. The actor playing Jonathan (Maulik Pancholy) was on that show, which was about selling marijuana (grass). When Weeds was canceled, Pancholy came back to resume his role on 30 Rock.


Trivia: Rachel Dratch was originally going to play Jenna, and in fact even appeared in the original unaired pilot. Her Jenna would have been an entirely different character - much more sweet and even-tempered. However, Tina Fey decided to rewrite the character as much more vain and spoiled, and felt Dratch no longer suited the part. Thus Jane Krakowski ended up being cast to replace her.


Trivia: Behind the scenes, all of the liquor in Jack's office was actually just teas.


Trivia: Jon Hamm originally auditioned for the part of Jack. While that part went to Alec Baldwin, the producers loved Hamm's audition and ended up later giving him the recurring role of Dr. Drew starting in the third season.


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Suggested correction: Not a mistake, the joke is that the book is too loud for a TV show so they change it. You need to hear it in context.

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Liz Lemon: I know who I am. I know I'm not the funnest person in the group. I'm not the one you call when you want to go clubbing on the town and party dance all night.
Jack: Why are you speaking like a Persian immigrant?

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Question: I'm trying to find out what episode Liz makes reference to a lower back tribal tattoo with a Chinese symbol in it. I've looked everywhere.

Answer: Maybe s02e14, "Sandwich Day"? Liz is talking to Floyd and asking if the girl who answered his phone has a lower back tattoo with a Chinese character that is suppose to mean "peace", but probably means "I have chlamydia." But nothing about it being a tribal tattoo.


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