Elizabethtown (2005)

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Drew's (Orlando Bloom) father, Mitch, is both cremated and given a funeral at a cemetery. Drew's mother (Susan Sarandon) and sister go to the memorial and it goes well. Drew's mother gives a touching speech about her deceased husband. Claire (Kirsten Dunst) gives Drew a map and music for a road trip. He drives across the U.S. along with his father's ashes and spreads them at different locations. An article on the sneaker fiasco is published. At the Second Largest Farmer's Market, he meets up with Claire and they kiss.


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After his father's funeral, when Drew turns on the ignition and in following shots, the leather band that he wears on his right wrist (not the watch) is clasped with its strap facing his thumb, yet when he passes the sign for 60B, the band goes round the opposite way. Then, when he listens to The Hombres the leather band is flipped back, but when he picks up Global Business Today magazine it's switched yet again, and so on.



The movie opens in Portland, Oregon (as seen when the helicopter is flying over the city in the beginning). The Portland area is home to Nike (a big athletic shoe producer), and Nike's big name man and former CEO's name is Phil Knight. In the movie, the head honcho's name is Phil, dealing with athletic shoes in Portland, Oregon.