Fun with Dick and Jane

Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)

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Continuity mistake: After the swelling on Dick's Jaw is nearly gone, it reappears quite markedly in several scenes.

Continuity mistake: While Dick is in the Champion's Club, he is up on the table, acting like a puppet. He knocks the pepper shaker off the table with his foot. After the camera switches shots, it returns to Dick, who knocks the shaker off the table again.

Factual error: When Dick robs the store, a sign on the cash register reads "You must be born after this date in 1983 to buy beer." Since the legal drinking age is 21, that would mean the movie is set in 2004. However, the film states that the year is 2000.

Continuity mistake: When Jack McCallister climbs into the helicopter and closes the door, his jacket was unzipped. A split second later in the next shot when he salutes Dick and the helicopter takes off, his jacket is zipped up, his seat harness is fastened, and he is wearing hearing protection. One might argue that he zipped up and buckled up between shots that we didn't see, but there was no break in the audio track between the two shots. (00:16:30)

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the film when Jack walks out of his house while putting his sunglasses on you can very briefly see the crew and equipment reflected in them.


Visible crew/equipment: The first day Dick is home after losing his job, he opens the fridge and the light reflects in his eyes. There are three white reflections in his eyes instead of just one in the center.

Factual error: When we see Jane spotting her friends you can see a Nissan Xterra. But the one shown is a 2003-2004 model, but this movie takes place in 2000.

Continuity mistake: When Dick and Jane go through the puddle after robbing the store with the black lights in them, it shows an exterior shot of Dick with his hood up. In the immediate interior shot, his hood is back down.

Sir William

Continuity mistake: After the Harpers get their power cut and they're hiding in the dirt hole in the backyard, one of their lights are on in the background despite the fact the power was cut.

Continuity mistake: When Dick is robbing the first convenient store, the clerk changes from the guy sitting reading the magazine to the big guy. Yet when he is seen running out of the store the guy reading the magazine is back behind the counter, still reading his magazine.

Faith Lemke

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dick is racing for the job, when he meets his old friend, he is carrying a hard shell leather wrapped briefcase. Later on in the scene when he tries to hit Dick with the 'briefcase', it has turned into a leather satchel.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dick, Jane, and Billy are eating dinner on the floor near the fireplace surrounded by candles, you can see Billy jumped up and nearly take a step on a candle, tipping it over. Jane is pointing her arm at the fact the candle is tipped over near the foot of Billy but in the next shot her arm is relaxed as the power comes on.


Continuity mistake: Jane is cooking with Billy on her shoulders, Dick yells "fire" and she runs over. Billy is no longer on her shoulders.

Continuity mistake: When Dick is robbing the man during the rain, neither Dick nor Jane are wet upon entering the shop nor upon returning to their car.


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Trivia: Watch the deleted scene when they rob the toy store, the music is unmistakably from Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events movie (which also starred Jim Carrey).

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Question: Right at the end, a former co-worker of Dick's drives alongside and says he's working for a great new company that trades in oil and gas. It's called Exron. Dick looks at him and says "oh" and the look he gave is one as if he knows something bad or it should have meaning (if that makes sense). What is the look on Dick's face for?


Answer: He says he works for "Enron", a notorious company that was involved in a major fraud scandal.


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