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Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)

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Corrected entry: When the INS workers come and arrest all the Mexicans and Dick, they start naming off names on people's ID's, including Dick's. Each ID should have had a picture, including Dick's, so upon saying that and seeing the picture, he should have been let go.

Correction: His picture was not very clear, and in fact, one of the illegals looked similar to him, since Dick's face was still swollen, and he couldn't speak well. He was unrecognizable compared to his picture, and the illegal who looked similar to him took his wallet when he left. That's the whole reason Dick was deported, his ID did not match up to him.

Corrected entry: When Dick and Jane are on the bed watching TV, a small dark bruise disappears and reappears on the outside of her right leg.

Correction: No, that "bruise" was a shadow on her leg from where part of her leg jutted out.

Corrected entry: When Richard Jenkins/Frank Bascom is talking to Jim Carrey/Dick Harper on his cell phone in the bank parking lot he tells Jim Carrey he sees the WOMAN bank employee walking towards him. He tells Jim Carrey that SHE knows that her car has NOT been stolen because she can see her car. But this is impossible since Jim Carrey never told Richard Jenkins or anyone else that he made up that story about her car being stolen just moments ago.

Frank Scialdone

Correction: They would have to assume that the bank employee would be at her desk and that a diversion would be required. The story we see is what they had previously agreed.


Corrected entry: When Jane is driving to the Mexican border to pick up Dick, she drives up in some sort of four-wheel drive vehicle. A shot later, it is back to the other car they normally have.

Correction: Eh, no, same car all the time.


Corrected entry: When Dick and the Mexicans make their escape from Jail and Jane is waiting in the car for them, as Dick runs towards the car, you can see the light from the headlights reflecting in his face, but the very next shot from in front the car as he sits down, the headlights are off.

Correction: Since she was trying to hide from the border patrol, she could have easily turned the lights on just for a second, so he could see where she was. Then turning the headlights off would give her camouflage from the border patrol.

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